Re: Draft criteria for passing+1 and pasing+2 - comments?

Mark Rader


While browsing through the list this just caught my eye.

Upgrade: Reporting
  • Upgrade
    • enhancement_responses: SHOULD to MUST. "The project MUST respond to a majority of enhancement requests in the last 2-12 months (inclusive)."
Ok, what do we mean by most?  50.1%, 99.9% there is a lot of wiggle room with "majority".

On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 8:44 PM, Wheeler, David A <dwheeler@...> wrote:

We have an updated draft set of criteria for “passing+1” and “passing+2”:


These are *not* the final product – but I’d really like to hear comments about them.


I really want to make it *possible* for small projects to get higher-level badges, but clearly *some* activities that reduce risk for users *do* require more people (e.g., for multi-person review, bus factor, etc.).  The current draft attempts to make passing+1 possible for small projects, while passing+2 includes criteria that help a project but are not practical for small projects.  Well, that was the idea anyway.


--- David A. Wheeler


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