Re: documentation_roadmap

David A. Wheeler

So for silver level, a project MUST have a "roadmap".

Does the project also have to actually implement or work on any of the items
in the roadmap? If so, to what degree? If not, what's the purpose of this
The project MUST have a documented roadmap that describes what the project intends to do and not do for at least the next year. [documentation_roadmap]

We tried to define the purpose of this criterion in the details:
Details: The project might not achieve the roadmap, and that's fine; the purpose of the roadmap is to help potential users and constributors understand the intended direction of the project. It need not be detailed.

Some projects don't plan to make any changes; some plan to make modest changes; some plan to rewrite everything & the API is going out the window. It's helpful for users to know where the project intends to go. Not everything goes as planned, but at least the user has an inkling.

Does that help?

It might be useful to look at the BadgeApp's roadmap:

You'll notice that at this point we do *not* have grand plans for the BadgeApp - we wanted to add internationalization & higher levels, and did that. At this point we're expecting to do more refinements than big plans, and that's fine... just let users know that.

--- David A. Wheeler

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