Re: Https links are not accepted in CII badging

David A. Wheeler

Seshu m:


The picture you sent me of:

does show an “X” (unsatisfied criterion), but in the picture it appears that someone (at the time) expressly told the system that the criterion was “Unmet”.  That would be the correct result if the BadgeApp was told that this criterion was “Unmet”.  Our automated checkers will sometimes set something as “met” if they weren’t known before, but if a human expressly says they’re unmet, we normally presume the human is right.


It looks like someone has *CHANGED* the value of the sites_https criterion for project 1702 since you posted your question.  Here’s what I see.  Notice that it is now marked as “Met” and thus has a green checkmark (“satisfied”):


When I view the badging site, the only criterion left for ONAP is this one:


In short, I think everything is working properly.  Please let me know if I’ve misunderstood something!


--- David A. Wheeler



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