Thoughts on creating a short intro/motivational video for the badging project?

David A. Wheeler


John Mertic and Mark Hornick recently suggested to me that there should be a “short intro/motivational video” about the best practices badging project. Basically, in around 5-6 minutes (and certainly less than 10), explain basic issues like *why* an OSS project should try to get a badge. We already have some 30+ minute briefings about it, but for many that’s too long. I have a short demo video on the mechanics of getting a badge, but that’s about the mechanics, not motivation.

I like the idea, so I asked what such a video should cover. They provided me a quick starter list of potential questions to answer, which I’ve included below (my sincere thanks!).

What *other* questions or issues should a short intro/motivational video cover? Are there things we should skip? What should its title be? I was thinking something direct like, "Why your OSS project should get a CII Best Practices badge" - but other options are welcome.

The whole point of this project is to identify *reasonable* criteria that OSS projects *can* do and *help* them produce better & more secure software. The more projects that work for the badge, the more effective the badging project will be.

They also mentioned that it'd be useful to have separate language-specific "mechanical" videos. I already created the video "Quick demo on how to start getting a CII Best Practices badge" <>, but that uses Python - they thought it'd be useful to have other language-specific ones, where we discuss language-specific issues (if any). They had R in mind in particular. But note that these would be separate should videos from the "big picture" motivational video.

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!!

--- David A. Wheeler

=== Some ideas of things to cover ===

• What's the problem CII addresses?
o Describe at a high level typical problems in software quality, licensing, security that companies face that make the CII a valuable tool for industry and academia.
• What is the CII?
• What projects (types of projects) do or should use this?
o be sure to list R packages explicitly
• What are the CII statistics?
o how many projects are using it?
o time series of project growth
o types of projects breakdown, e.g., language?
o aggregates of levels achieved over time, passed, silver, gold
• For Open Source only? Can it be used by proprietary software too?
• Additional resources
o videos
o documentation
o websites

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