Improvement coming: Tiered percentage display in BadgeApp projects display

David A. Wheeler

FYI: Up to now the best practices badge’s multi-project display hasn’t clearly shown progress beyond “passing” until the project actually gets silver or gold.  It’s also been hard to search or sort on (e.g., “who got silver” or “who is at least 50% towards silver”)?  That’s unfortunate, because a number of projects have been making steady progress towards silver and gold.  We don’t expect *all* projects to get those levels, but it’d be nice to find out who is.  So we’re making a tweak to make this information easier to see and sort on.


To solve this, we’re switching the multi-project display so that it will display a “tiered percentage”.  In a tiered percentage 100% is passing, 200% is silver, and 300% is gold, and you then add the percentage points towards the next-highest badge you DON’T have.  For example, Zephyr has completed passing, and is 93% to silver, so its tiered percentage will show as “193%”.  I don’t know of anywhere else with this kind of measurement, but I think that provides a nice *short* but *useful* status display, and it *seems* relatively intuitive.  The corresponding JSON data about projects (provided by our REST interface) will also provide this info.

We haven’t deployed it in production, but you can see what it looks like here:


As always, comments/feedback welcome!


--- David A. Wheeler


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