Re: Improvement coming: Tiered percentage display in BadgeApp projects display

David A. Wheeler

David A. Wheeler:
For example, Zephyr has completed passing, and is 93% to silver, so its
tiered percentage will show as "193%". I don't know of anywhere else with
this kind of measurement, but I think that provides a nice *short* but
*useful* status display, and it *seems* relatively intuitive.

Daniel Stenberg []:
But if Zephyr is *also* at the same time 93% of the gold criteria it will
still only show 193%, right? That might not be as intuitive...
I'm not objecting, just clarifying I guess.
You're absolutely correct, but I think it's okay.

It's theoretically *possible* for a project to have a higher percentage in gold than in silver, but it's very unlikely. The gold criteria are generally harder than silver, and the silver criteria are harder than passing. In addition, there's overlap (some "SUGGESTED" or "SHOULD" at lower levels become "MUST" at higher levels).

In addition, to get a higher-level badge you must meet the lower-level badge criteria, so this "capping" maps well to final badges. For example, a "193%" correctly suggests that the project is very, very close to earning silver (200%). A more general "average" could muddle things.

Of course, getting a *passing* badge is a significant achievement, and we don't want to take away from that. We just want to make it easier for people to quickly get more information than they could before.

--- David A. Wheeler

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