Re: Improvement coming: Tiered percentage display in BadgeApp projects display

Georg Link

On Thu, Jun 14, 2018 at 1:32 PM, Wheeler, David A <dwheeler@...> wrote:
Georg Link [mailto:linkgeorg@...]:

The way I *currently* resolved that was that I added following to the /projects page, just below the table:
> The "tiered %" field shows 300% for gold, 200% for silver, and 100% for passing, and adds progress after the highest-earned badge.

I didn't make that text a tooltip, because on smartphones tooltips on hyperlinks aren't obvious and they're tricky to activate (and this is a live hyperlink, since it lets you sort on the column).  We could *also* make it a tooltip, for the laptop/desktop users, where that isn't a problem.

I was thinking of a tooltip for each of the percentages, not on the table title. When you hover over the value 250% the tooltip would show "silver + 50% towards gold".

I'm hoping someone will soon translate that text into German :-).  Our French translator already got it done! (Hat-tip).

Mockery! -- Maybe it worked and there is a German translation now :-)

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