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Georg Link

This is great news. Thanks for sharing!

A few thoughts on the blog post. I throw them out here for comments.

I is great to see that the value of the badge is perceived by so many, even if they have not heard of the badge before the survey.

> The CII should be sure to reflect the existing quality criteria provided through CRAN.

Do we know what those criteria are? Is this something we can learn from and improve the badge with for everyone?
A quick look at CRAN did not reveal anything useful to me.

> Make it easier to recognize which criteria categories passed and by what percentage in a high level visual representation, perhaps incorporated into the badge itself.

Great suggestion, however: more data requires more space to display. I am inclined to dismiss this idea because anyone can follow the badge to our app and see which category is unfulfilled.

> Can the CII criteria be streamlined to reflect only the needs of R packages, including those that are more data and documentation than code?

This idea sounds like forking the CII badge and tweaking it for R. I see the appeal of this, but I think the badge has more value when it is uniform across all projects and not splintered into specialized versions for different types of projects. Next Ruby developers want their own badge flavor for gems and NPM their own flavor for npm packages ... While it still achieves the goal of promoting best practices, it impedes on the signaling effect of the badge as a recognized and trusted measure of open source project quality.

> gathers and presents lessons learned from other FLOSS projects so developers don’t need to re-discover them.

I seem to remember that we have a wiki page somewhere to collect stories. Is someone dedicated to continuing with following up with new badge owners to get their feedback? With roughly 5-10 new badges each month (based on the monthly email), if we had someone dedicated towards writing a blog post for each, we could have 1-2 success stories published each week. A quick 20 minute interview with someone from the project about the process (we should have the email on file to contact them) should provide some quotes to use in the blog post.


On Wed, Aug 1, 2018 at 3:33 PM, David A. Wheeler <dwheeler@...> wrote:
All: Here's information I think you'd all like to know.

There's a recent encouraging article, "Should R Consortium Recommend CII Best Practices Badge for R Packages: Latest Survey Results" by Mark Hornick (July 26, 2018) on the R Consortium Project blog:

Their survey found that 90% of survey respondants said "yes" to the question, "Will the CII Best Practices Badge Program provide value to the R Community's package developers or package users?" - with 77% saying it has benefit for both developers and users.   95% of respondents had never heard of the CII before, but 74% would be willing to try it.

As a result, we've recently had a significant uptick in the number of new projects who have started working on a badge, and many of them use the R programming language.  Overall stats here:

Some have already earned badges, e.g.:

Some other projects don't have a badge yet, but that's okay.  If they identify problems, and then work to fix them, that's kind of the point!

Anyway, I think that's a very positive development & I thought you would too.

--- David A. Wheeler

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