CII Badge project - some recent URLs that discuss it

David A. Wheeler

If you’re curious about the current status of the badge project, I have a useful summary in the presentation “Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) Best Practices Badge in 2019” (2019-03-14) - . This was a presentation at the Linux Foundation's Open Source Leadership Summit 2019 in Half Moon Bay, CA.


The badging project was also mentioned in some other recent places:

* A Sample Security Assurance Case Pattern (2018) - – this discusses how to create secure software by applying an assurance case, and uses the Badge Application's assurance case as an example.

* FLOSS Weekly 522: Railroader - primarily discussed the [Railroader]( project, but it also touched on the continued progress of the CII Best Practices badge.


If you know of other places where the badging project is discussed, let us know, and/or update the Wiki page here:




--- David A. Wheeler


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