Did logins change because of the CII-Badges new spam defenses?

Kevin W. Wall

David, et al,

Does the username / password for
now require it to be done via GitHub? I just tried to login using my Gmail account (which was how I registered) for the first time in a long time and I am getting "Invalid Username / Password". I keep all my passwords in a password manager so I am 99.9% that the password is correct unless I missed / forgotten an email about all the passwords being reset because of a breach or whatever.

I figured, NBD, I would use the "Forgot Password" flow, but when I tried that with my email address, I get the error message:

Sorry, can only reset the password for a custom (local) user

which I'm not even quite sure what that "custom (local) user" even means? (I mean, if it won't take an email address, then why prompt for Email?

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