Re: Did logins change because of the CII-Badges new spam defenses?

David A. Wheeler

Kevin W. Wall:
Does the username / password for
now require it to be done via GitHub? I just tried to login using my Gmail account (which was how I registered) for the first time in a long time and I am getting "Invalid Username / Password". I keep all my passwords in a password manager so I am 99.9% that the password is correct unless I missed / forgotten an email about all the passwords being reset because of a breach or whatever.
No, absolutely not. I just logged in with a local account & it worked fine.

I figured, NBD, I would use the "Forgot Password" flow, but when I tried that with my email address, I get the error message:
That's mysterious. I just tried the "forget password" with a local account, and it worked fine.

Sorry, can only reset the password for a custom (local) user
which I'm not even quite sure what that "custom (local) user" even means? (I mean, if it won't take an email address, then why prompt for Email?
That shouldn't happen. But since it is *is* happening, we need to track that down and fix it.

Do you have *both* a GitHub account *and* a local account on the badge site? We *should* handle that correctly, but I don't remember if we test that.

I suggest that we have the rest of the discussion via direct email, and off mailing list. I doubt everyone wants to hear about our debugging session :-).

--- David A. Wheeler

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