has anyone scripted doing updates to the CII site?

Tony Hansen

I’m one of the many people working on the Linux ONAP (Open Networking Automation Platform) Project. We chose to pursue CII badges from the very beginning, but because of the size of the project, we chose several years ago to use separate CII projects for each of the ONAP sub-projects. We currently have close to 40 CII projects covering the ONAP sub-projects.


For all of the application-specific questions, we rely on our project team leaders to answer the questions. However, when we do something (say, updating our build infrastructure to better satisfy one of the Gold questions), we are faced with updating all 40 CII pages with an identical update. Getting the project team leaders to do the updates has proven unreliable, and doing the update one project at a time is tedious at best.


So I’d like a tool that could be used to do an identical update across a variety of CII projects. I’d like such a tool to take a list of CII project IDs, a field name and an update to make, such as


projects: 3777, . . .


    signed_releases_justification: "All release artifacts are signed by the Linux Foundation prior to release.."


Of course, it would need to log in correctly with an ID that has been authorized on each of the projects.


I started writing such a tool, but I keep getting caught up with issues with CSRF.


Has anyone successfully scripted doing updates to the CII site? If no one has, is anyone interested in working with me on such a tool?


Thank you


                Tony Hansen





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