Re: has anyone scripted doing updates to the CII site?

David A. Wheeler

On Wed, Aug 12, 2020 at 12:10 AM Tony Hansen <> wrote:
So I’d like a tool that could be used to do an identical update across a variety of CII projects. I’d like such a tool to take a list of CII project IDs, a field name and an update to make, such as
Of course, it would need to log in correctly with an ID that has been authorized on each of the projects.
I started writing such a tool, but I keep getting caught up with issues with CSRF.
Tony: We developed the API so it *could* be done. But I have never
needed to do it, so I don't have code lying around to do it.

I'd be delighted to help anyone who starts down that path. I believe
it shouldn't be *too* hard,
the problem is that it has to be exactly right or it gets (rightly) rejected.

The current API documentation may help:
... and if such code is created, we should add it to the API documentation.

--- David A. Wheeler
Director of Open Source Supply Chain Security, The Linux Foundation

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