BadgeApp performance

David A. Wheeler

I recently made some tweaks that seem to really bump up website performance.


By adding some “preload” statements and a fragment cache, the front page on the “master” branch is getting median performance figures of load time 0.730s, start render 0.567s.  That’s with a fast Internet connection assuming the site is all-the-way-up, but that’s also from a cold start (“never-seen-site before”).  Once a user visits the site at all, much of the “big stuff” (like CSS and JavaScript) is cached, which makes performance even better.  Details here:


The site doesn’t need to be blazingly fast, we just don’t want people to turn away because of interminable page loads.  I think ideal is under 1s, and we must be under 2s response in such conditions.  We’re easily meeting those requirements.


In the longer term I intend to replace the font-awesome font icon file, which is huge & doesn’t play nicely with dyslexic fonts, with loading specific SVGs (or maybe SVG sprites).  That should reduce the cold start page load time even further.


--- David A. Wheeler