BadgeApp website improvements

David A. Wheeler

FYI, we’ve made a number of improvements to the “BadgeApp” website:


Some recent improvements include:

* The user interface now has collapsible panels, and each panel header shows how much it’s been completed.  This makes it easy to see what’s left to do (e.g., you can “expand all panels”).

* Fragments referring to a criterion and panel heading work nicely (e.g., and ).

* A number of mobile formatting improvements (it worked on mobile before, but there were formatting issues that are now fixed).

* There are a number of performance improvements.  You’ll see responses more quickly, and it can also handle larger demand more effectively.  We intend to make more improvements, but if anyone would like to provide additional performance improvements we’d love to see them.


My thanks to many, especially Jason Dossett, Matt Coursey, and Mark Rader, for the software improvements.


--- David A. Wheeler