Beginnings of internationalization now on production site

David A. Wheeler

FYI, the BadgeApp production site now has the beginnings of internationalization & localization.  We’ve begun with two locales besides English: French (fr) and Simplified Chinese (zh-CN).  It’s still early, but you can now see it live.


If anyone who is a *native* speaker in another locale would be willing to assist, please let me know. makes it relatively easy to edit.  You just use a web browser, and they provide “starter suggestions” based on past translations & Google translate.


URLs select the locale to display, and on login users are transitioned to their preferred locale (unless they’ve already selected one via the URL).  At the top level URLs are of the form “?locale=NAME”, otherwise the URLs are of the form “”.  These are fairly common conventions for locale selection.  E.G.:






It’s incomplete.  Internationalization involves a lot of little boring changes, so it’s taken a little time.  The main form for entering project data hasn’t been internationalized yet, and some email doesn’t use the correct locale yet.  Those are in progress.


My special & sincere thanks to Wang Anyu (locale zh-CN) and Yannick Moy (locale fr), who have been doing the translations.  Google translate & I did some of the initial French work, and all speakers of French are glad I’m not doing that any more J.


At this time the plan is leave project *justifications* (details) in English.  One problem is that reviewing justifications in arbitrary languages is, well, complicated.  But this *does* mean that a potential user of a project can see a project’s status for every criterion, in the preferred language of that user.  My hope is that this will encourage potential users to use the results of well-run projects.


--- David A. Wheeler