CII Best Practice badge: Sharing, logos of sample projects, cookie law - PLEASE TELL OTHERS about the badge!

David A. Wheeler

FYI, there have been a few changes to the CII Best Practices badge site:


1. We now have new “sharing” links at the bottom of the front page <> for Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Email.  Unlike “like” buttons, these are NOT tracking devices – they do nothing unless you click on them.  Credits to “Responsible Social Share Links” by Jonathan Suh for explaining how to do this in a privacy-respecting way (<>).

2. Also on the front page, we have a list of logos for some of the projects who have earned a badge.  Hopefully that will convince some people that “projects I know got a badge, I want to join the party!”.

3. On the /login page we link to a “/cookies” page, which explains how we use cookies.  This is an honest effort to comply with certain EU/UK laws.  The laws exempt session cookies, and we only use permanent cookies when local users enable “Keep me logged in” (which is not the default), so linking *just* there seems appropriate. I think these cookie laws are misguided, fail to provide *real* privacy, and it’s not clear that we have to comply anyway.  But it doesn’t seem hard to comply, and we want to make everything a *positive* experience for our friends in the EU/UK, so we’ve done our best.


PLEASE tell others about the CII Best Practices badge – and by all means, use the new “sharing” links to help you do that.  We are generally growing, both in terms of the number of participating projects and the number of passing projects, but I’d love to see faster growth.  The more FLOSS projects that get a badge, the better the results.




--- David A. Wheeler