CII Best Practices badge update: Rails 6.1 deployed, Brazilian Portuguese added, many translations updated, rpki-client

David A. Wheeler

All, I thought I’d give you an update on some of the things going on with the CII Best Practices badge project:

* We’ve upgraded to Rails 6.1! We’ve been stuck on Rails 5.X for some time, but after
some unglamorous work we upgraded to Rails 6.0.X and then to Rails 6.1.X.
That means we’re back to running on the *current* (and supported!) version of our framework.
* We have a new translation in progress: Brazilian Portuguese!
* Many translators have been updating the text. Our plan is to contribute our paired translations
to OPUS <> at the end of the month to help improve machine translation systems (esp. OSS ones).
Modern machine translation uses machine learning, which requires a lot of paired texts to learn from.
As a side-effect, it gives our awesome translators another reason to update the translations.
* I’ve talked with Theo de Raadt (lead of OpenBSD & OpenSSH). He may create badge entries
for rpki-client and openssh, as well as provide some feedback on the criteria. I look forward to that
if it works out.

--- David A. Wheeler