Current plan: No criteria changes, focus on getting projects involved & getting badges

David A. Wheeler


We want to slowly & carefully update the criteria as community norms improve. However, I don't see any need to update the criteria at this time. The passing criteria in particular appear to be "just hard enough" that a badge is worth having, without being so hard that it's impossible to earn one. Silver & gold are harder, but they are *supposed* to be harder, and I know several projects are slowly pursuing higher-level badges.

Instead, I think we need to focus on getting more projects *involved* in the badging process and eventually *getting* badges. We'll also continue to review badge claims to make sure that the badges have really been earned (nonsense badges drag down the badge's value for everyone). The good news is that projects really are getting involved & earning badges, as evidenced by the project statistics here:

SO: Please try to convince other projects to work on a badge. As you can see on the front page, a lot of well-known projects have received badges! Of course, the real goal isn't badges, the goal is to improve practices in the projects that we all rely on.... but badges are the visible manifestation of that. If you know that a project made an improvement because of the badging project, please let us know; I'd like to record that!

Of course, if a criterion is misunderstood, or doesn't make sense in specific narrow cases, we can review clarifications & narrow reasonable exemptions. But for now, I think we should stay the course.

We should revisit the criteria around August 2018. I expect any future changes to be very gradual, anyway. People work hard to earn badges, and we don't want to make their hard work irrelevant.

As far as the site itself goes, it seems to be working fine, so the current plan is to make at most modest improvements/updates. Everything can be improved, but again, I think we should focus on getting more projects involved & eventually earning a badge.

If you think this is a terrible idea, please let us know!

--- David A. Wheeler