Dan Kohn on FLOSS Weekly, & CIL providing free computing power

David A. Wheeler



Dan Kohn was instrumental in getting the CII Best Practices Badge project up-and-running.  Dan is now the Executive Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which sustains and integrates open source technologies like Kubernetes and Prometheus.  He was recently interviewed on “FLOSS Weekly”, and I suspect many of you will be interested in that interview:


In particular, the CNCF Community Infrastructure Lab (CIL) has free access to state-of-the-art computing resources for open source developers working to advance cloud native computing. They offer access to both x86 and ARMv8 bare metal servers.  If you happen to need some real computing power, and it relates to open source software, this might be the free capability you’ve been looking for.  For example, it could be used for software builds, continuous integration, scale testing, or demonstrations.  Dan’s of the opinion that it’d be sad to see this free capability go unused, and I agree, so please let them know if you need something like this.  More info here:


--- David A. Wheeler