Estimated implementation languages

David A. Wheeler

Over the weekend I ran an analysis to estimate the implementation languages (programming languages) for projects that haven't already provided us with that information and have a repo on GitHub.

The program I used, and its results, are below. The result set is a list of lines; each line has project_id, github_repo_name, and the implementation_languages_estimate. GitHub's estimations rapidly decrease in quality, so I kept at most the "top 3" as a heuristic so the results weren't too terrible. The idea is to use this information if no better is available, and projects can of course edit the estimates afterwards to provide corrected results. This data would *only* be used if the current field is empty.

No doubt it's imperfect, but I think this is *way* better than blank fields.

Any thoughts before I proceed?

--- David A. Wheeler

# Download JSON data from and analyze it.

# Since the JSON data is paged, we simply download each page in turn.
# This is written to be simple code; it loads the entire dataset into memory.
# It stores downloaded results in a file; erase the file to force the
# program to re-download the data.
# This example counts projects using the R programming language.
# Modify this example for whatever analysis you want to do.

# Copyright 2018, the Linux Foundation, IDA, and the
# CII Best Practices badge contributors
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT

import os, sys, re, json, urllib
from urllib.request import urlopen
import time # for sleep

# File for storing cached value
cached_filename = 'projects.json'

# This is the base URL for project data.
base_url = ''; + cached_filename

# Retrieve paged JSON data
def retrieve_data():
retrieved_dataset = []
page_number = 1
while True:
url = base_url + '?page=' + str(page_number)
page_string = urlopen(url).read()
page_data = json.loads(page_string)
print(page_number, file=sys.stderr)
if len(page_data) == 0:
retrieved_dataset += page_data
page_number += 1
return retrieved_dataset

# Load JSON data (from a file if possible, else it's retrieved and saved)
def load_data():
if os.path.exists(cached_filename):
print('Loading existing file: %s' % cached_filename, file=sys.stderr)
f = open(cached_filename, 'r')
res = json.load(f)
print('Done Loading existing file: %s' % cached_filename, file=sys.stderr)
return res
print('Retrieving data', file=sys.stderr)
retrieved_dataset = retrieve_data()
# Save data into file so we don't need to retrieve later
print('Saving data to file: %s' % cached_filename, file=sys.stderr)
f = open(cached_filename, 'w')
json.dump(retrieved_dataset, f)
return retrieved_dataset

# Load the JSON data by calling load_data()

json_dataset = load_data()

# Now json_dataset has complete set of data. Print a count.
print('Number of projects = ', len(json_dataset), file=sys.stderr)

# Languages can be found using a URL of this form:

github_api_prefix = '';
re_find_repo_project_name = re.compile(r'https://github\.com/([^/]+/[^/]+)')
ignored_languages = ['HTML', 'CSS', 'Roff', 'DIGITAL Command Language']

def language_list_from_github(repo_project_name):
url = github_api_prefix + repo_project_name + '/languages'
print('About to open ', url, file=sys.stderr)
languages_string = urlopen(url).read()
except urllib.error.HTTPError:
return None
# print(languages_string)
languages_data = json.loads(languages_string)
sorted_languages = sorted(languages_data,
key=lambda s: languages_data[s], reverse=True)
cleaner_result = [x for x in sorted_languages if not x in ignored_languages]
final_result = cleaner_result[0:3]
final_result = str.join(', ', final_result)
final_result = final_result + ' (CII estimate)'
print('Final result = ', final_result, file=sys.stderr)
return final_result

print('About to process projects', file=sys.stderr)
for project in json_dataset:
if (not project['implementation_languages'] and project['repo_url'] and
match = re_find_repo_project_name.match(project['repo_url'])
if not match: continue
repo_project_name = match[1]
# print("Analyzing %s\n" % repo_project_name, file=sys.stderr)
language_result = language_list_from_github(repo_project_name)
print(project['id'], repo_project_name, language_result)
if language_result:
print("UPDATE projects SET implementation_languages='%s' WHERE id=%s AND implementation_languages NOT LIKE '%s';\n" % (language_result, project['id'], '_%'))
time.sleep(125) # Slow it down, since we aren't authenticated


24 zaproxy/zaproxy Java, JavaScript, PHP (CII estimate)
29 nodejs/node JavaScript, C++, Python (CII estimate)
31 ossec/ossec-hids C, Shell, Perl (CII estimate)
33 rails/rails Ruby, JavaScript, CoffeeScript (CII estimate)
35 frenesim/schema_to_scaffold Ruby (CII estimate)
40 chronogolf/lightspeed_restaurant Ruby, Shell (CII estimate)
49 sbenthall/webturtles JavaScript (CII estimate)
64 tomrittervg/checker Python (CII estimate)
65 python-hyper/hyper-h2 Python, Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
69 assimilation/assimilation-official Python, C, Shell (CII estimate)
81 libssh2/libssh2 C, M4, Makefile (CII estimate)
84 box/bart PHP, Shell (CII estimate)
85 martiancraft/AquaticPrime Objective-C, REALbasic, PHP (CII estimate)
87 openssl/openssl C, Perl, C++ (CII estimate)
88 syncthing/syncthing Go, JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
92 ivanoblomov/google_maps_geocoder Ruby (CII estimate)
93 lelylan/betterspecs JavaScript, Ruby (CII estimate)
96 CISOfy/lynis Shell, Ruby (CII estimate)
101 nek0/eidolon Haskell, JavaScript, PureScript (CII estimate)
102 lalelunet/measureit JavaScript, PHP, Python (CII estimate)
103 auv-iitb/AUV-IITB_Web PHP, JavaScript (CII estimate)
105 DanishKhakwani/EmailDisplay Python (CII estimate)
106 The-Compiler/qutebrowser Python, JavaScript, Gherkin (CII estimate)
109 FalseCAM/lenna C++, CMake, Makefile (CII estimate)
113 kahing/goofys Go, Shell, Gnuplot (CII estimate)
115 toolswatch/vFeed Python (CII estimate)
117 reingart/pyfpdf Python, Shell, Batchfile (CII estimate)
118 proactiveRISK/heartbleed-extention JavaScript (CII estimate)
121 fitkoh/ezrpg PHP, JavaScript, Smarty (CII estimate)
122 CoderBounty/coderbounty Python, JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
126 thephpleague/commonmark PHP (CII estimate)
128 unixdotfiles/dotfiles Vim script, Shell, Python (CII estimate)
131 Ali-Razmjoo/OWASP-ZSC Python (CII estimate)
133 blabla1337/skf-flask Python, TypeScript, JavaScript (CII estimate)
134 proactiveRISK/ddos-toolbox C++, Python, Shell (CII estimate)
135 kelvinsleonardo/NetQuizSOAP Java, Lua, Batchfile (CII estimate)
137 ESAPI/esapi-java-legacy Java, Shell (CII estimate)
140 javabeanz/owasp-security-logging Java (CII estimate)
141 venky18/u8glib C, C++, Processing (CII estimate)
142 jeremiah/spdxl Perl (CII estimate)
147 librariesio/ Ruby, JavaScript, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
148 RandalSchwartz/perl-module-cgi-prototype Perl, Shell (CII estimate)
150 bengosney/rssgrab Python (CII estimate)
151 fsiddiqi/quotedian Python (CII estimate)
155 Tirasa/ConnId Java, C#, Groovy (CII estimate)
159 xaionaro/gograndstream Go (CII estimate)
160 intrig/xenon C, C++, M4 (CII estimate)
161 ottlinger/fotorenamer Java, Shell (CII estimate)
162 garrettw/stringobject PHP (CII estimate)
163 garrettw/pierce PHP (CII estimate)
166 chamilo/chamilo-lms PHP, JavaScript, Java (CII estimate)
168 frague59/logistic_series Python (CII estimate)
169 dankeller/AppleScript AppleScript (CII estimate)
174 emdete/tabulae Java, Python, Makefile (CII estimate)
178 tronsha/cerberus PHP, Shell (CII estimate)
184 owtf/owtf Python, JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
185 goliney/coderoom JavaScript (CII estimate)
186 quru/qis Python, JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
187 elacheche/myScripts Shell, Python (CII estimate)
192 bibletime/bibletime C++, QML, QMake (CII estimate)
194 hardenedlinux/STIG-4-Debian Shell, Python (CII estimate)
195 contentascode/docsmith JavaScript, Gherkin, Ruby (CII estimate)
196 rickysarraf/laptop-mode-tools Shell, Python, Makefile (CII estimate)
198 pittacus/paraGSEA Matlab, C, Shell (CII estimate)
199 cgwalters/git-evtag C, Makefile, Shell (CII estimate)
202 cgsecurity/testdisk C, C++, M4 (CII estimate)
204 dbadia/sqrl-server-base Java, Shell (CII estimate)
205 TeamMacLean/proThrow JavaScript (CII estimate)
206 agrare/ipc C, Makefile, M4 (CII estimate)
207 BreakingPitt/dockerfiles Python, Shell (CII estimate)
208 arachnys/athenapdf Go, JavaScript, Makefile (CII estimate)
209 nextcloud/server PHP, JavaScript, Gherkin (CII estimate)
214 mity/mctrl C, Objective-C, C++ (CII estimate)
215 bytepixie/options-pixie PHP, Shell, JavaScript (CII estimate)
216 aymericbeaumet/norme JavaScript (CII estimate)
217 schwehr/libais C++, Python, Makefile (CII estimate)
220 killercup/cargo-edit Rust (CII estimate)
222 carothersc/ROSS C, CMake, C++ (CII estimate)
228 GSA/catalog-app Python, Shell, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
229 spc476/SPCDNS C, Lua, Makefile (CII estimate)
230 thiaguten/simple-compress Java, FreeMarker (CII estimate)
231 bkeepers/dotenv Ruby (CII estimate)
233 djmott/xtl C++, CMake, Assembly (CII estimate)
236 leapfrogtechnology/vyaguta JavaScript, Java (CII estimate)
238 raboof/connbeat Go, Python, Makefile (CII estimate)
239 Hacker-YHJ/punctuationize JavaScript (CII estimate)
240 david-a-wheeler/vim-metamath Vim script, Makefile, Shell (CII estimate)
245 sunyifan112358/multi2sim C++, C, Makefile (CII estimate)
247 qmlos/fluid QML, C++, Shell (CII estimate)
248 oldtechaa/SeekMIDI Perl (CII estimate)
250 Openki/Openki JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
251 git-cola/git-cola Python, Makefile, Shell (CII estimate)
252 jpopelka/openhubinfo Python (CII estimate)
254 remotestorage/remotestorage.js JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
255 VaSe7u/GH C++, C (CII estimate)
256 heimdal/heimdal C, TeX, Shell (CII estimate)
257 rounds/go-optikon Go (CII estimate)
259 hurnhu/NATBot C++, Makefile (CII estimate)
260 jlobos/ouo JavaScript (CII estimate)
261 craigiswayne/prototype JavaScript (CII estimate)
265 nramon/madrid.air R, Makefile (CII estimate)
268 n0nick/earley_bird Python (CII estimate)
269 wazehq/geo_redirect Ruby (CII estimate)
272 codemeasandwich/graphql-query-builder JavaScript (CII estimate)
274 rgv151/hn TypeScript, JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
275 phramework/jsonapi PHP, Shell (CII estimate)
278 xandradx/ovirt-engine-disaster-recovery Java, JavaScript (CII estimate)
279 Serverfrog/FrogPw Java (CII estimate)
281 yoe/nbd C, M4, Shell (CII estimate)
282 qzb/ Shell (CII estimate)
283 bnealey/thatspecialflavor JavaScript (CII estimate)
284 Podato/podato JavaScript, Python (CII estimate)
285 wereHamster/avers Haskell, TypeScript, JavaScript (CII estimate)
288 hckhanh/react-tree-es6 JavaScript (CII estimate)
291 c-ares/c-ares C++, C, M4 (CII estimate)
292 shawncplus/phpcomplete.vim Vim script, PHP, Ruby (CII estimate)
293 mongodb/mongo C++, JavaScript, Python (CII estimate)
306 f0i/bin Shell, Python, Ruby (CII estimate)
309 akre54/Backbone.Attributes JavaScript (CII estimate)
310 timber/timber PHP, Shell (CII estimate)
313 rakudo/rakudo Perl 6, Java, C (CII estimate)
314 opsdroid/opsdroid Python, Jupyter Notebook, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
317 dcolens/connect-ready JavaScript (CII estimate)
319 fundor333/RUSLECalculator Python, Shell (CII estimate)
320 nghttp2/nghttp2 C++, C, Python (CII estimate)
321 federicoiosue/Omni-Notes Java (CII estimate)
326 monkey/monkey C, CMake, Python (CII estimate)
327 vbergae/OCSimpleInjector Objective-C (CII estimate)
328 agershun/alasql JavaScript, Yacc, CoffeeScript (CII estimate)
329 intercity/intercity-next Ruby, CoffeeScript, Shell (CII estimate)
331 dkopecek/usbguard C++, Shell, M4 (CII estimate)
332 avakar/cpp-libawait C++, CMake, Makefile (CII estimate)
333 wulas/BadgesTests Python (CII estimate)
334 sjsyrek/lazy-linked-lists JavaScript (CII estimate)
335 abc612008/MemoryPool C++ (CII estimate)
336 etlegacy/etlegacy C, ShaderLab, C++ (CII estimate)
337 hairyhenderson/gomplate Go, Makefile, Shell (CII estimate)
338 hairyhenderson/jiraprinter JavaScript, Makefile, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
340 gecos-team/gecoscc-ui JavaScript, Python, Shell (CII estimate)
341 DavBfr/cf PHP, JavaScript (CII estimate)
342 tdoee/Appbase JavaScript (CII estimate)
346 klauern/reveille Clojure (CII estimate)
347 MichMich/MagicMirror JavaScript, Shell, TypeScript (CII estimate)
348 andegna/calender PHP (CII estimate)
349 weierstrass/protobuf-decoder C++, CMake, Protocol Buffer (CII estimate)
350 stujo/javascript-mvc-octocat JavaScript (CII estimate)
354 OwlTechnology/CommandPalette.js JavaScript (CII estimate)
359 Yuav/puppet-autofs Ruby, Puppet, Shell (CII estimate)
360 CreDevLabz/magento2-testimonials PHP (CII estimate)
362 Zefiros-Software/CoreLib C++, C, Lua (CII estimate)
363 Zefiros-Software/BSPLib C++, C, Lua (CII estimate)
364 ory-am/hydra Go, Shell, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
365 Codeception/Codeception PHP, Hack, PLpgSQL (CII estimate)
368 bittorrent/scraps C++, Python, Shell (CII estimate)
369 AravindVasudev/ PHP, JavaScript, Vue (CII estimate)
370 pocoproject/poco C, C++, CMake (CII estimate)
372 ltb-project/self-service-password PHP, Shell, Perl (CII estimate)
373 metrue/npm-stats JavaScript (CII estimate)
375 tracee/tracee Java (CII estimate)
377 cpp4ever/http-proto C++, CMake (CII estimate)
378 openmainframeproject/ade Java, Shell, XSLT (CII estimate)
379 hairyhenderson/teams Go, Makefile (CII estimate)
382 chrl/buktopuha PHP (CII estimate)
383 Traum-Ferienwohnungen/docker-wkhtmltopdf-aas CoffeeScript (CII estimate)
385 willendzw/openwrt C, Makefile, Shell (CII estimate)
390 authzforce/server Java, XSLT (CII estimate)
393 Fabien-Chouteau/ACNC Ada (CII estimate)
395 GabrielDeveloper/iclient JavaScript (CII estimate)
398 bb-drummer/phpagstract PHP, JavaScript (CII estimate)
399 engina/dropbox2 JavaScript (CII estimate)
400 kepam/sample_build_project CMake, C++ (CII estimate)
401 bb-drummer/my-application JavaScript, PHP, Shell (CII estimate)
403 SaiAshirwadInformatia/Jekyll-Bower Ruby (CII estimate)
404 quatroka/urionlinejudge Python, C (CII estimate)
406 thecotne/webpack-glob-entry JavaScript (CII estimate)
407 jrevolt/io.jrevolt.launcher Java, Shell (CII estimate)
409 aloisdg/FeedParserPCL C# (CII estimate)
412 passbolt/passbolt PHP, JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
413 MeLlamoPablo/clapp JavaScript (CII estimate)
415 spc476/CBOR Lua, C, Makefile (CII estimate)
417 ousamabenyounes/log2test JavaScript, PHP, Gherkin (CII estimate)
418 Connexions/cnx-easybake Python, Perl, Shell (CII estimate)
420 hardenedlinux/grsecurity-reproducible-build Shell, C, Makefile (CII estimate)
422 msdjl/ifree Java (CII estimate)
425 stylelint/stylelint JavaScript, Vue, Shell (CII estimate)
427 jeljeli/gpac C, C++, JavaScript (CII estimate)
428 linuxfoundation/cii-census Python, Makefile, Shell (CII estimate)
429 routeal/json-clib C, JavaScript, Makefile (CII estimate)
431 sandialabs/phoenix Scala, Eiffel (CII estimate)
432 adamSiwiec/fly JavaScript (CII estimate)
434 Devisjs/devis JavaScript (CII estimate)
435 MikhaelGerbet/dashingJs JavaScript, Shell, PHP (CII estimate)
436 HerikLyma/CPPWebFramework C++, QMake, C (CII estimate)
438 giggsey/libphonenumber-for-php PHP (CII estimate)
439 designerror/webdav-client-cpp C++, CMake, Shell (CII estimate)
441 murdhawke/AMOS-CHERUIYOT C++, Objective-C, Makefile (CII estimate)
442 hsiw/WishBot JavaScript, Batchfile (CII estimate)
443 g2p/blocks Python, Augeas, Shell (CII estimate)
444 briansmith/ring Assembly, C, Rust (CII estimate)
445 deweerdt/dlock C, C++, CMake (CII estimate)
446 magnonellie/dtile-tilemap JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
447 Vesnica/boringssl C, Perl, C++ (CII estimate)
455 ofrogon/cleanBowerInstaller JavaScript (CII estimate)
458 zafarella/OSX-RAMDisk Shell, Makefile, Ruby (CII estimate)
459 Anzumana/public_html PHP, JavaScript, Perl (CII estimate)
460 sovereign/sovereign Python, PHP, Shell (CII estimate)
461 cfollet/museeks JavaScript (CII estimate)
462 HamzaGhazouani/Stackoverflow Objective-C, Swift (CII estimate)
463 Samshal/Acl PHP (CII estimate)
465 vasild/cpp-ipfs-api C++, CMake, Shell (CII estimate)
466 platisd/smartcar_shield C++ (CII estimate)
467 usgs/earthquake-website PostScript, PHP, JavaScript (CII estimate)
471 SirRade/Hippocrates C++, C, CMake (CII estimate)
473 wiremoons/passgen Go, Makefile (CII estimate)
474 moul/advanced-ssh-config Go, Makefile, API Blueprint (CII estimate)
475 scaleway/scaleway-cli Go, Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
476 esl/MongooseIM Erlang, Shell, Python (CII estimate)
477 arjunrao87/spark-template-engines Java, Handlebars (CII estimate)
480 GiorgosOikonomou/okhttp Java, Shell (CII estimate)
485 deis/controller Python, Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
487 deweerdt/amua Go, Makefile (CII estimate)
488 erven1985/Shipped_Group_project Ruby, JavaScript, CoffeeScript (CII estimate)
490 jenkinsci/zap-plugin Java (CII estimate)
492 rafaelrpinto/TvTracker-Backend JavaScript (CII estimate)
496 ortliebp/Trax Java, C# (CII estimate)
497 faktiva/magento-inventory-update PHP (CII estimate)
498 faktiva/prestashop-seo-tk PHP, Smarty (CII estimate)
502 bymathias/dotfiles Vim script, Shell (CII estimate)
510 rumpelsepp/i3gostatus Go, Shell (CII estimate)
511 angrykoala/yamp JavaScript (CII estimate)
512 tsuru/tsuru Go, Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
513 nikosson/Spatz PHP, JavaScript, ApacheConf (CII estimate)
514 TremoloSecurity/MyVirtualDirectory Java, Shell, Batchfile (CII estimate)
516 Ayesh/case-insensitive-array PHP (CII estimate)
517 TremoloSecurity/OpenUnison Java, JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
519 ToxikCoder/heapsort_openmp C++, C (CII estimate)
520 abstractj/kalium Java, Shell (CII estimate)
521 HamzaGhazouani/HGCircularSlider Swift, Ruby, Objective-C (CII estimate)
522 raynigon/RaynigonJavaLibrary Java (CII estimate)
523 berezovskyi/checkbleed Java (CII estimate)
524 samuelb/nagios-plugins Shell (CII estimate)
525 BedwarsRel/BedwarsRel Java, Shell (CII estimate)
527 jgm1986/KeyServer Java, Shell (CII estimate)
529 mRemoteNG/mRemoteNG C#, PowerShell, Batchfile (CII estimate)
530 craftr-build/craftr Python, C, Makefile (CII estimate)
531 randombit/botan C++, Python, C (CII estimate)
533 voxpupuli/puppet-corosync Ruby, Puppet, Pascal (CII estimate)
537 ahier/ JavaScript (CII estimate)
538 advancedtelematic/rvi_sota_server Scala, JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
539 advancedtelematic/sota_client_cpp C++, C, CMake (CII estimate)
541 ControlSystemStudio/cs-studio Java, Python, PLSQL (CII estimate)
542 github/training-kit JavaScript, Ruby, Shell (CII estimate)
543 JabRef/jabref Java, TeX, Python (CII estimate)
544 GregBowyer/cld2-cffi C++, C, Python (CII estimate)
545 andela-akhenda/cp1a Python, Makefile (CII estimate)
546 jdrda/laravel-google-custom-search-engine PHP (CII estimate)
549 jkbrzt/httpie Python, Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
551 IagoAbal/eba OCaml, C, Shell (CII estimate)
553 bloodstalker/mutator C++, C, Python (CII estimate)
554 scci/security-employee-tracker PHP, JavaScript (CII estimate)
555 phelipe/Fuzzy.jl Julia (CII estimate)
558 laithshadeed/ JavaScript (CII estimate)
560 Give2Peer/g2p-server-symfony PHP, Gherkin, Shell (CII estimate)
561 fujaba/NetworkParser Java, JavaScript, TeX (CII estimate)
562 fjudith/WaarpR66 Java, JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
563 fjudith/docker-waarp-r66 Shell (CII estimate)
564 cea-sec/ivre Python, JavaScript, Lua (CII estimate)
565 pulp/pulp Python, Shell (CII estimate)
567 cskaza/cszcms PHP, JavaScript (CII estimate)
568 SimplaCMS-PRO/Simpla PHP, JavaScript, Smarty (CII estimate)
570 frc4571/CrateRobot Java (CII estimate)
575 Electrical-Age/ElectricalAge Java, Kotlin, Shell (CII estimate)
577 raju16/Programming C++ (CII estimate)
579 jgoos/chatops Makefile (CII estimate)
580 ChristianWitts/gatewayd Go, Makefile, Shell (CII estimate)
583 JuliaLang/julia Julia, C, C++ (CII estimate)
585 Huczu/boombox-dev Python (CII estimate)
586 ornicar/lila Scala, TypeScript, JavaScript (CII estimate)
588 opencontainers/runc Go, Shell, C (CII estimate)
589 dolanmiu/flappy-bird-client TypeScript, JavaScript (CII estimate)
590 PowerPan/crc-js JavaScript (CII estimate)
592 fastlane/fastlane Ruby, Swift, Objective-C (CII estimate)
593 containous/traefik Go, TypeScript, Shell (CII estimate)
595 nextcloud/passman JavaScript, PHP, Makefile (CII estimate)
596 dhollinger/autofs-puppet Ruby, Puppet, Shell (CII estimate)
597 SavageCore/new-retro-arcade-neon-attract-screen-tool JavaScript, Shell, PowerShell (CII estimate)
598 jumanjihouse/docker-duoauthproxy Shell (CII estimate)
599 DemocracyEarth/sovereign JavaScript, Gherkin, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
602 Nelson-numerical-software/nelson C, Fortran, C++ (CII estimate)
603 munnerz/plex-elastic-transcoder Go, Smarty, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
604 OmertaBeyond/OBv2 JavaScript (CII estimate)
606 AudunWA/AWARcon C# (CII estimate)
609 Infuzion/Chat-Android Java (CII estimate)
613 jrtapsell/JSONParser Java (CII estimate)
614 guiconti/Gibot JavaScript (CII estimate)
618 Filipsi/UnitatoBot JavaScript (CII estimate)
623 kittoframework/kitto Elixir, JavaScript (CII estimate)
625 fridayy/nyx-fhj Java, Groovy (CII estimate)
626 pbtrung/enjolras C++, C, CMake (CII estimate)
634 leppa/tspsg C++, C, QMake (CII estimate)
635 lirios/shell C++, QML, JavaScript (CII estimate)
639 maxcbc/extract-json JavaScript (CII estimate)
641 boldtempleGaming/Engine C++, CMake (CII estimate)
643 nitinkaveriappa/Fanoron-Tsivy PHP, JavaScript (CII estimate)
644 redtachyons/ahoy.js JavaScript (CII estimate)
646 Roger/imgexpr JavaScript (CII estimate)
647 J4BB3R/SudokuGroup2 Java (CII estimate)
649 ariddell/lda Python, PowerShell, C (CII estimate)
650 WarriorXK/PHPWebSockets PHP (CII estimate)
651 zionyx/jenkins-tray C#, PowerShell, Batchfile (CII estimate)
655 talonbragg/Custom-Markup JavaScript (CII estimate)
656 nanoc/nanoc Ruby (CII estimate)
657 panda-emu/OpenNES C++, CMake (CII estimate)
659 haavard/templateman Python, Shell (CII estimate)
660 Softmotions/ncms JavaScript, Java, Kotlin (CII estimate)
661 cvieth/homebridge-brematic JavaScript (CII estimate)
662 52North/sos-importer Java (CII estimate)
665 Gmentsik/docktartar Shell (CII estimate)
666 Gmentsik/ranch2git Java, Shell (CII estimate)
673 agilecreativity/code_lister Ruby (CII estimate)
682 bulktrade/SMSC Java, TypeScript, JavaScript (CII estimate)
686 tuvistavie/fundle Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
687 kane-thornwyrd/cubicle JavaScript (CII estimate)
688 ajudensi/SLC-Day-2 JavaScript (CII estimate)
692 angrykoala/xejs JavaScript, GCC Machine Description (CII estimate)
694 kt3k/capsid JavaScript (CII estimate)
695 vdbaan/IssueFinder Groovy, Java, ANTLR (CII estimate)
696 jstarcher/siege C, M4, Shell (CII estimate)
697 alikh31/mostrankeddevs JavaScript (CII estimate)
702 brunorrr/data_trans Java, XSLT (CII estimate)
707 pieterlexis/nagios-check-zoneauth Python (CII estimate)
712 edeckers/auroradnsclient Go, Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
713 ioweyou/iou-java Java (CII estimate)
714 ioweyou/iou-android Java (CII estimate)
715 ioweyou/iou-core Java (CII estimate)
716 edeckers/openvpn-ldap Shell (CII estimate)
719 xlk3099/urlshortener Go, Shell (CII estimate)
721 pmq20/node-compiler C++, C, Assembly (CII estimate)
724 caesarsol/traph JavaScript (CII estimate)
726 phil12d3/aila C, Makefile, C++ (CII estimate)
728 freddi301/flow-validator JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
742 jeKnowledge/dotworks JavaScript, Python (CII estimate)
747 mazyvan/Material-Design-Tweets JavaScript (CII estimate)
748 mazyvan/Python-Threads Python (CII estimate)
749 mazyvan/Proyecto-Web-de-4to-Cuatri PHP, JavaScript, ApacheConf (CII estimate)
750 mazyvan/Calculadora-Parlante C# (CII estimate)
753 vanruesc/postprocessing JavaScript, GLSL (CII estimate)
756 uccser/kordac Python (CII estimate)
757 DavidLiedle/ez Shell, JavaScript (CII estimate)
758 dapirian/m C++, Python, Shell (CII estimate)
766 martindale/maki JavaScript (CII estimate)
767 Genymobile/gm_pr Python (CII estimate)
768 Khroki/MCEdit-Unified Python, C++, Shell (CII estimate)
775 KinagaCMS/kinaga PHP (CII estimate)
776 ajsb85/alexsalas.brackets-jekyll JavaScript (CII estimate)
777 angarg12/incremental_table_elements JavaScript (CII estimate)
779 TeckHouse/AnalyticsBundle PHP (CII estimate)
787 cesargdm/react-boilerplate JavaScript (CII estimate)
788 knowbl/jekyll-html5-youtube Ruby (CII estimate)
789 adilek/jirtdan JavaScript, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
791 dhis2/dhis2-core Java, JavaScript, XSLT (CII estimate)
794 Vlassiuk/yii2-auth PHP (CII estimate)
797 Musicoll/kiwi-node-server JavaScript, Vue (CII estimate)
798 Musicoll/Kiwi C++, Python, CMake (CII estimate)
799 mo7amed-3bdalla7/Pecomm PHP, JavaScript, Vue (CII estimate)
801 bro/bro Bro, C++, JavaScript (CII estimate)
808 Zari65/VisualStudio C#, PowerShell, Smalltalk (CII estimate)
809 BarajasPaul/Aquatic-Pi Python, Shell, C (CII estimate)
810 kelvinsleonardo/BookleWeb JavaScript, Java, PHP (CII estimate)
812 FusionAg/MoneySurfer Kotlin, Shell (CII estimate)
814 tonykero/Moe C++, CMake (CII estimate)
815 PawelTroka/Computator.NET C#, TypeScript, Shell (CII estimate)
817 manhattanhq/manhattan JavaScript, PHP, PLpgSQL (CII estimate)
818 Mudlet/Mudlet C++, Lua, QMake (CII estimate)
822 Goblinlordx/cv-gen JavaScript (CII estimate)
823 napcae/ Shell (CII estimate)
824 NLog/NLog C#, XSLT, PowerShell (CII estimate)
825 fibjs-modules/detect-port JavaScript (CII estimate)
827 angelov/storgman PHP, JavaScript, Gherkin (CII estimate)
828 jjasghar/chefdk-cookbook Ruby (CII estimate)
830 DMeechan/Snake Java (CII estimate)
834 lambourg/Ada_Bare_Metal_Demos Ada, Python, Makefile (CII estimate)
835 raviqqe/tisp Go, Ruby (CII estimate)
836 RedL0tus/ JavaScript, Ruby, Shell (CII estimate)
838 antoine-pous/npmlogger TypeScript, JavaScript (CII estimate)
839 code-chris/aurelia-knockout TypeScript (CII estimate)
840 code-chris/extended-listbox TypeScript, JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
842 eliluminado/esCUITValida Python (CII estimate)
845 thost96/pimatic-wakeonlan CoffeeScript (CII estimate)
852 nmrony/gtni JavaScript (CII estimate)
854 MrTimscampi/metascrape Python (CII estimate)
857 xd009642/keygraph-rs Rust (CII estimate)
858 Perkir/Web-analisys Ruby, JavaScript, CoffeeScript (CII estimate)
859 shopping-adventure/ewebmachine Elixir, JavaScript (CII estimate)
866 Marketcloud/marketcloud-js JavaScript (CII estimate)
867 karlveskus/moodlebox TypeScript, JavaScript (CII estimate)
870 bigfish-hu/remarker PHP, TypeScript, JavaScript (CII estimate)
871 limpygnome/parrot-manager Java, TypeScript, JavaScript (CII estimate)
872 pchmielowski/MoodOfTheSong Python, Shell (CII estimate)
882 nitipan/angular1_x_quickstart JavaScript (CII estimate)
884 luizalabs/teresa-api Go, Makefile, Shell (CII estimate)
885 Adam-/inspircd-docker Shell, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
886 detain/zip-zapper PHP (CII estimate)
891 pldiiw/examdown Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
893 evilUrge/YAAB Python, Shell (CII estimate)
895 narrowspark/framework PHP, JavaScript, Hack (CII estimate)
896 ChrisAlderson/extratorrent-api JavaScript (CII estimate)
929 ospaf/ospaf-go Go, Makefile (CII estimate)
942 owncloud/core PHP, JavaScript, Gherkin (CII estimate)
945 kp96/CryptographySuite Java (CII estimate)
946 jbenz/openpaths-helper Python (CII estimate)
949 xephonhq/xephon-k Go, Shell, JavaScript (CII estimate)
950 alexander-perucci/spring-grow Java, JavaScript (CII estimate)
951 l3d00m/pietsmiet_android Java (CII estimate)
952 zyra/ngx-facebook TypeScript, JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
957 gaocegege/maintainer Go, Shell (CII estimate)
960 hyperledger/iroha C++, CMake, Python (CII estimate)
961 CIDARLAB/CelloUCF2SBOL JavaScript (CII estimate)
962 CIDARLAB/cello Java, JavaScript, Verilog (CII estimate)
968 ctnorth/ctnorth Lua, C++, Batchfile (CII estimate)
969 rfussien/leboncoin-crawler PHP (CII estimate)
985 eliaskosunen/crossguid C++, CMake, Java (CII estimate)
986 varuna-lang/varuna C++, LLVM, CMake (CII estimate)
987 EasyLearnJava/pepperreports Shell, Batchfile, Java (CII estimate)
991 kaliumxyz/ASAP JavaScript (CII estimate)
999 asce1062/CP2A-BucketList-Application-API Python, Shell, Mako (CII estimate)
1002 enqtran/reactjs-resume JavaScript (CII estimate)
1003 enqtran/reactjs-redux JavaScript (CII estimate)
1004 enqtran/reactnative-redux-routeflux-demo JavaScript, Objective-C, Python (CII estimate)
1005 enqtran/socketio-chat JavaScript (CII estimate)
1006 enqtran/reactjs-upload-image-library-mini JavaScript (CII estimate)
1007 enqtran/easy-abc JavaScript (CII estimate)
1008 enqtran/reactjs-server-side-rendering JavaScript (CII estimate)
1009 MvvmCross/MvvmCross C#, Pascal, PowerShell (CII estimate)
1010 fondbot/framework PHP (CII estimate)
1011 elacheche/docker_check Python (CII estimate)
1017 mfiano/gamebox-math Common Lisp (CII estimate)
1018 assimp/assimp C++, RPC, COBOL (CII estimate)
1025 axotion/Axedit Java (CII estimate)
1026 axotion/simple-cms PHP (CII estimate)
1027 axotion/memsengine PHP (CII estimate)
1029 boramalper/magnetico Python, JavaScript, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
1030 qiubit/luminis Python, JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
1034 zilman/demo JavaScript, Python, HCL (CII estimate)
1041 kohlercoding/cmk_php_nyhedssite PHP, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1044 trevmex/EnvJasmine JavaScript, Ruby, Shell (CII estimate)
1048 andredp/house-complaining JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
1050 klemens-morgenstern/boost-process C++ (CII estimate)
1051 zkat/npx JavaScript, Makefile (CII estimate)
1052 burraq/container PHP (CII estimate)
1057 php-earth/docker-php Dockerfile, Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
1058 Sibyx/phpGPX PHP (CII estimate)
1060 gaoyifan/bgptools Rust (CII estimate)
1063 proidiot/gone Go, Shell (CII estimate)
1064 Sirius-A/electron-clientele-user-helper JavaScript, PowerShell, Batchfile (CII estimate)
1065 gyselroth/balloon PHP, Makefile, Shell (CII estimate)
1066 yoyowinwin/take_everywhere Vim script (CII estimate)
1069 ernestas-poskus/ansible-prometheus Ruby (CII estimate)
1070 AhmedAli7O1/hapi-arch JavaScript (CII estimate)
1075 vlanore/tinycompo C++, Makefile (CII estimate)
1078 QNimbus/LDAPImporter JavaScript (CII estimate)
1079 guyzmo/git-repo Python, Shell (CII estimate)
1081 zombieleet/duty JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
1082 craftvm/boilerplate PHP, Ruby (CII estimate)
1089 evgeni/bley Python, Makefile (CII estimate)
1091 shikhir-arora/karma-simple JavaScript, Batchfile, Shell (CII estimate)
1096 codemeasandwich/redux-auto JavaScript (CII estimate)
1098 laviua/komock Kotlin, Java (CII estimate)
1119 OpenNebula/addon-lxdone Python, Shell, Ruby (CII estimate)
1120 goodmind/treact TypeScript, JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
1121 mjirous/cinject C++, CMake (CII estimate)
1122 toppole69/SwiftyDropbox Swift, Python, Ruby (CII estimate)
1123 RealEnder/dwpa PHP, Python, Shell (CII estimate)
1124 adioss/cryptoMemo Java, Batchfile, Shell (CII estimate)
1125 junyongk/DnsChanger Java (CII estimate)
1129 arksega/peregrino Python, Shell (CII estimate)
1131 yuri-val/money Ruby, Shell (CII estimate)
1133 Kronhyx/SessionBundle PHP (CII estimate)
1134 AOSC-Dev/autobuild3 Shell (CII estimate)
1136 Herklos/ProjetX PHP, JavaScript, Java (CII estimate)
1142 groundnuty/k8s-wait-for Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
1143 gribouille/elm-prelude Elm (CII estimate)
1145 IgorPolyakov/TheHoneydew Ruby, JavaScript, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
1146 DiscordForge/DiscordForge JavaScript (CII estimate)
1148 hugoabonizio/ Crystal (CII estimate)
1151 westy92/html-pdf-chrome TypeScript, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1153 bayo-jsc/ JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
1159 bgrrtt/spacecraft PHP, Ruby (CII estimate)
1160 lairworks/nas2d-core C++, C, Makefile (CII estimate)
1161 bbc-mc/TwoSwordStyle Java (CII estimate)
1162 Slicer/Slicer C++, Python, CMake (CII estimate)
1163 QIICR/dcmqi C++, CMake, Python (CII estimate)
1164 LuxAtrumStudio/Pessum C++, Makefile (CII estimate)
1165 ayoubserti/libuiohook C, M4, CMake (CII estimate)
1166 skatsuta/athenai Go, Shell (CII estimate)
1169 yuttasakcom/NodeAPI JavaScript (CII estimate)
1172 makiolo/design-patterns-cpp14 C++, CMake, Makefile (CII estimate)
1174 breadadams/bit_js JavaScript (CII estimate)
1177 earcam/io.earcam.unexceptional Java, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1179 saptarshidebnath/processrunner Java, Shell, Batchfile (CII estimate)
1180 jeradgodreault/MartinDown C#, Shell (CII estimate)
1184 ayazhafiz/crystal-ah Crystal, TypeScript, Shell (CII estimate)
1190 opennode/waldur-mastermind Python, Shell, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
1194 langmm/cykdtree Python, C++, Shell (CII estimate)
1198 szaboferee/esprimaPHP PHP (CII estimate)
1200 nnadeau/pybotics Python, Shell (CII estimate)
1205 ferrybig/teamspeak-query Java (CII estimate)
1207 rung-tools/rung-cli JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
1208 alexsadliak/gpm-stats Go, Shell (CII estimate)
1210 markusgraube/smt Java (CII estimate)
1217 chandanch/ConnectFour Java (CII estimate)
1218 chandanch/notes TypeScript, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1220 benjdewan/pachelbel Go, Makefile, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
1231 xurei/redux-api-react-switch JavaScript (CII estimate)
1239 mastertinner/dotfiles Shell, Vim script, Ruby (CII estimate)
1241 MajorAchilles/TSPComplete C# (CII estimate)
1246 SeleniumHQ/docker-selenium Dockerfile, Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
1247 jef42/pcapwrapper C++, CMake, C (CII estimate)
1248 h2non/baloo Go, Makefile (CII estimate)
1251 mynameistechno/finderjs JavaScript, Makefile (CII estimate)
1252 dmcquay/node-apac JavaScript (CII estimate)
1256 deurk/ktx C, C++, Makefile (CII estimate)
1257 Sejoslaw/KD.FakeDb C# (CII estimate)
1258 Sejoslaw/CCollections C (CII estimate)
1259 Sejoslaw/Roguelike-Game C (CII estimate)
1260 hanawa-suzuki/toolbelt Go, Makefile (CII estimate)
1261 hanawa-suzuki/docs-travis-ci-com JavaScript, Ruby (CII estimate)
1262 hanawa-suzuki/linguist Ruby, Shell (CII estimate)
1265 tacid/redmine_print_issue Ruby (CII estimate)
1266 envoyproxy/envoy C++, Python, Shell (CII estimate)
1269 cilium/cilium Go, C, Shell (CII estimate)
1274 gabriel-araujjo/date-api Java (CII estimate)
1276 yuda110/babshop Python (CII estimate)
1277 yuda110/eminem-youtube-page Python, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1278 yuda110/study JavaScript, Jupyter Notebook, Python (CII estimate)
1283 shubo/treeVD JavaScript (CII estimate)
1286 naren-m/algos Python, Jupyter Notebook, Makefile (CII estimate)
1287 naren-m/System-usage-monitor Go (CII estimate)
1288 Pamblam/jSQL JavaScript (CII estimate)
1290 kleister/kleister-api Go, Makefile (CII estimate)
1291 umschlag/umschlag-api Go, Makefile (CII estimate)
1292 kleister/kleister-cli Go, Makefile (CII estimate)
1294 kleister/kleister-ui Go, JavaScript, Makefile (CII estimate)
1296 umschlag/umschlag-cli Go, Makefile (CII estimate)
1298 umschlag/umschlag-ui Go, JavaScript, Makefile (CII estimate)
1299 inadarei/justgo Go, Shell (CII estimate)
1301 globocom/react-native-draftjs-render JavaScript, Makefile (CII estimate)
1304 felipecolen/aula_prog_web_20171_gerencia_veiculos Python (CII estimate)
1305 ebanx/benjamin PHP (CII estimate)
1307 dicearr/koa-rester JavaScript (CII estimate)
1313 openebs/maya Go, Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
1317 cotts/git-idle JavaScript (CII estimate)
1318 mons-pico/rpico Rust (CII estimate)
1322 VISWESWARAN1998/CyberGod-KSGMPRH C, C++, Java (CII estimate)
1323 bakjs/bak JavaScript (CII estimate)
1326 imhomos/android-websockets Java (CII estimate)
1327 imhomos/webpack JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Shell (CII estimate)
1329 BoilerMake/backend PHP, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1330 hanawa-suzuki/inch-pages Ruby (CII estimate)
1331 mysql-time-machine/replicator Java, Python, PLpgSQL (CII estimate)
1332 gidsi/spaceapi-validator-cli Go, Shell (CII estimate)
1335 hanawa-suzuki/inch_ex Elixir (CII estimate)
1340 test3489/react JavaScript, C++, TypeScript (CII estimate)
1342 Cethy/alpine-asciidoctor-builder Shell (CII estimate)
1344 Lorac/plex-go Go (CII estimate)
1345 trajano/app-ms Java, JavaScript, Vue (CII estimate)
1346 MarkusWET/secure_password_website Python (CII estimate)
1347 chukaofili/olympus JavaScript (CII estimate)
1348 FelixBoers/linqpad-soap-driver C#, Batchfile (CII estimate)
1350 w96k/sitemap-cli-tools JavaScript (CII estimate)
1356 derek-palmer/acebot-discord JavaScript, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
1358 MizukiSonoko/iroha-cli Python, Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
1362 Maeeen/pronoteapi JavaScript (CII estimate)
1363 tiaghoalves/coo-homeless-api JavaScript (CII estimate)
1364 pryahin/2017_2_ToP JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
1365 DavidOmarF/does-it-close JavaScript (CII estimate)
1366 ahmedkamals/foo-protocol-proxy Go, Makefile, Shell (CII estimate)
1368 arturu/laying PHP (CII estimate)
1375 YujinYuz/pytuneteller Python, Makefile (CII estimate)
1379 132nd-etcher/EMFT Python (CII estimate)
1384 hechen0/wunderlist Go (CII estimate)
1386 niktrix/trakila-react JavaScript (CII estimate)
1387 raspi/WinLLDPService C#, PowerShell, Batchfile (CII estimate)
1388 raspi/pypdnsrest Python, Shell (CII estimate)
1390 SpiderLabs/owasp-modsecurity-crs Perl, Python, C (CII estimate)
1392 gyKa/watchdog-api PHP, Makefile (CII estimate)
1396 ATFutures/dodgr C++, R, C (CII estimate)
1397 rude9/addons-server Python, JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
1403 dirmeier/netReg C++, R, C (CII estimate)
1405 ajainvivek/preact-fluid JavaScript (CII estimate)
1406 bagrat/dollar-ref Python, Makefile (CII estimate)
1407 motorcycle/motorcycle.ts TypeScript, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1408 dperezcabrera/game-engine Java (CII estimate)
1409 dperezcabrera/jpoker Java, Gherkin (CII estimate)
1410 perat/EasyFinance Java (CII estimate)
1413 jrobinsonc/felicious JavaScript (CII estimate)
1414 Decagon/star.js JavaScript (CII estimate)
1415 afshinpersian/afshlim_framework PHP (CII estimate)
1417 IronPeak/GoGame Go, Shell (CII estimate)
1418 platisd/indoor-navigation-system C++, C, CMake (CII estimate)
1419 codl/forget Python, JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
1424 shubhamchaudhary/dotfiles Shell, Vim script, Python (CII estimate)
1425 shubhamchaudhary/pulla Python, Makefile (CII estimate)
1426 Warchant/ed25519 Python (CII estimate)
1427 hanjianqiao/voc-demo Python, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1428 MySolace/GamesCube GLSL, Makefile, Shell (CII estimate)
1429 MySolace/ComputerServiceSheets Java, Inno Setup, Batchfile (CII estimate)
1430 MySolace/CrisisTrends JavaScript (CII estimate)
1432 MySolace/wheniwork-nodejs-unofficial JavaScript (CII estimate)
1436 akritikos/Yggdrasil C# (CII estimate)
1437 ant-design/ant-design TypeScript, JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
1438 devsnek/snekfetch JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
1442 MySolace/repairslab-csc Java, Inno Setup, Batchfile (CII estimate)
1443 zenwalker1985/BoxCopDotNET C# (CII estimate)
1447 MySolace/recalbox-buildroot GLSL, Makefile, C (CII estimate)
1448 QingWei-Li/docsify JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
1450 kubernetes/cluster-registry Go, Shell (CII estimate)
1453 volcoma/EtherealEngine C++ (CII estimate)
1456 GruffDebate/web Vue, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1460 tango-controls/tango-webapp JavaScript, Shell, Java (CII estimate)
1464 GoogleCloudPlatform/k8s-multicluster-ingress Go, Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
1469 floriancourgey/photos-compressor Python (CII estimate)
1472 perriea/node-api JavaScript (CII estimate)
1473 javathought/commons Scala, Java, Gherkin (CII estimate)
1477 DrFelder/ppr Java, Vue, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1478 metonimie/simplFT Go (CII estimate)
1480 whtsky/WeRoBot Python, Shell (CII estimate)
1482 joshuacox/rxNstall Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
1483 EW4N7-2365-PT/averagereads Python, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1484 kavehmz/queue Go (CII estimate)
1485 BlueBrain/Brayns C++, Python, CMake (CII estimate)
1487 dgkanatsios/AzureFunctionsNodeLeaderboards-Cosmos JavaScript, C#, Shell (CII estimate)
1489 JohnsonMauro/generic-api JavaScript (CII estimate)
1501 dcorteztec/dangerAreaService Java, Shell, Batchfile (CII estimate)
1503 iluwatar/java-design-patterns Java, Shell, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1504 ShFil119/openrw C++, C, CMake (CII estimate)
1505 avchu/yajcms Java (CII estimate)
1507 massinissa-boutrig/getMyIP Python (CII estimate)
1508 fh1ch/node-bacstack JavaScript (CII estimate)
1515 zhouyoufu/vscode-docs JavaScript, TypeScript (CII estimate)
1516 oVirt/ovirt-engine Java, Python, PLpgSQL (CII estimate)
1517 matthieuleorat/documentManager PHP (CII estimate)
1522 hanawa-suzuki/0-core Go, Python, Shell (CII estimate)
1525 leomendesm/btc-cli-tdd JavaScript (CII estimate)
1529 zemuldo/iso_8583 JavaScript (CII estimate)
1530 FancyJavaStuff/TransferGrid Java (CII estimate)
1533 glyph/txsni Python, Shell (CII estimate)
1535 limix/pandas-plink Python, Jupyter Notebook, C (CII estimate)
1537 theycallmemac/ JavaScript (CII estimate)
1539 theycallmemac/dcurooms Python (CII estimate)
1542 Vasfed/csso-rails Ruby (CII estimate)
1543 Frederick-S/NinetyNineProblems C#, Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
1544 sirfoga/pyhodl Python, Shell (CII estimate)
1547 132nd-etcher/elib Python (CII estimate)
1548 132nd-etcher/epab Python (CII estimate)
1550 wenhuizhang/USBasp C, Assembly, SourcePawn (CII estimate)
1551 gwAdvNet2015/adv-net-samples Python, C, C++ (CII estimate)
1552 bcinarli/uxr JavaScript (CII estimate)
1553 kloener/visor-android Java, C, CMake (CII estimate)
1554 FozzieHi/Arrow JavaScript (CII estimate)
1555 NvdLaan/SSO Python (CII estimate)
1558 sahib/brig Go, Cap'n Proto, Shell (CII estimate)
1559 httprb/http Ruby (CII estimate)
1561 elliotchance/c2go Go, Shell (CII estimate)
1562 andrekirst/ValidationFramework C# (CII estimate)
1563 emirb/docker-php72 Dockerfile (CII estimate)
1564 vmarkovtsev/hercules Go, PureBasic, Python (CII estimate)
1566 JavaDogs/cws Java, PLSQL, Shell (CII estimate)
1570 TimWolla/haproxy-auth-request Lua, Makefile (CII estimate)
1571 cherrypy/cheroot Python (CII estimate)
1572 cherrypy/cherrypy Python (CII estimate)
1573 cherrypy/magicbus Python (CII estimate)
1574 Psycojoker/ast2json Python (CII estimate)
1581 qgis/QGIS C++, Python, QML (CII estimate)
1582 15838028035/bsweb-common-core Java, FreeMarker, Batchfile (CII estimate)
1584 hhucn/dbas Python, JavaScript, SQLPL (CII estimate)
1585 jnonino/jenkins-master Groovy (CII estimate)
1589 smartwebtools/smart-core PHP, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1590 zygimantus/apiwebas JavaScript, Java (CII estimate)
1593 apache/brooklyn-server Java, JavaScript, PowerShell (CII estimate)
1594 Nevraxe/Cervo PHP (CII estimate)
1595 Ohjeah/cartesian Python (CII estimate)
1596 phptal/PHPTAL PHP, Makefile, Shell (CII estimate)
1600 132nd-etcher/emiz Python (CII estimate)
1606 warlock/spellbook JavaScript (CII estimate)
1607 ketanjawahire/FacebookClient C# (CII estimate)
1611 omniauth/omniauth-saml Ruby (CII estimate)
1615 nhwood/BuildToolsDownloader Visual Basic (CII estimate)
1618 aul12/RoboCup-Simulation JavaScript (CII estimate)
1620 KissPeter/APIFuzzer Python, Shell (CII estimate)
1622 jmadoremos/templates-jsdevstarter JavaScript (CII estimate)
1623 ProfessorCoal/- Ruby (CII estimate)
1624 DavidBelicza/TextRank Go, Dockerfile, Shell (CII estimate)
1632 shaundmorris/ddf Java, JavaScript, Groovy (CII estimate)
1633 codice/ddf Java, JavaScript, Groovy (CII estimate)
1634 SangHakLee/NMTIC JavaScript (CII estimate)
1635 manticoresoftware/manticoresearch C++, C, PHP (CII estimate)
1636 llorllale/youtrack-api Java, Shell, XSLT (CII estimate)
1638 hiulit/RetroPie-Fun-Facts-Splashscreens Shell (CII estimate)
1640 ivandelabeldad/rackian-api JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
1641 spacekookie/barrel Rust (CII estimate)
1642 QiumingLu/saber C++, CMake, Shell (CII estimate)
1647 kmonticolo/OpenBSD-owncloud-puppet Puppet, Shell, Python (CII estimate)
1648 petedreizehn/scripts Shell, Python (CII estimate)
1649 petedreizehn/ansible-playbook-lemp Nginx, PHP (CII estimate)
1650 petedreizehn/homepage Shell (CII estimate)
1654 tigerwill90/xsrf-middleware PHP (CII estimate)
1660 Journey-Carshare/frontend JavaScript (CII estimate)
1661 moriczgergo/candy JavaScript (CII estimate)
1662 132nd-etcher/EDLM Python, TeX (CII estimate)
1664 wladi0097/gwvp JavaScript (CII estimate)
1666 SaferPlace/frontend Go (CII estimate)
1669 arguiot/DisplayJS JavaScript (CII estimate)
1670 julienpetit/jwt-auth-example-react-redux-client JavaScript (CII estimate)
1672 openSUSE/portusctl Go, Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
1673 szydell/gogtm Go, Shell (CII estimate)
1674 sanketjpatel/hello-go Go (CII estimate)
1677 abekroenem/TDBx Pascal (CII estimate)
1680 nschloe/accupy Python, C++, Makefile (CII estimate)
1683 jeffersonlizar/shipit Python (CII estimate)
1685 Faiyaz/Data_Loader PHP (CII estimate)
1688 jeffersonlizar/shipitchile Python (CII estimate)
1689 zibios/wrike-bundle PHP (CII estimate)
1690 zibios/wrike-php-library PHP (CII estimate)
1691 zibios/wrike-php-guzzle PHP (CII estimate)
1692 zibios/wrike-php-jmsserializer PHP (CII estimate)
1693 zibios/wrike-php-sdk PHP (CII estimate)
1695 kkohtaka/bitflyer-exporter Go, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
1696 jaesparza/Hermes-repeater-controller C++, C (CII estimate)
1704 ismailbaskin/genderize Go (CII estimate)
1705 kubeflow/tf-operator Go, Python, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1708 cinlk/multicloud-framework Python, Shell (CII estimate)
1710 natthanhamilton/natthan-io JavaScript (CII estimate)
1711 Tencent/TscanCode C++, Makefile, C (CII estimate)
1713 soruly/anilist-crawler JavaScript (CII estimate)
1714 konstruktoid/docker-garby Shell, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
1715 marcelosousaalmeida/INICompareKit Go (CII estimate)
1716 kostiamol/centerms Go, Makefile, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
1723 OhohLeo/WEB-Zeek PHP, JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
1724 vitessio/vitess Go, Python, Java (CII estimate)
1725 decodeproject/zenroom C, Lua, Makefile (CII estimate)
1726 stafot/ounit Java, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1727 ecologismico/airchive JavaScript, Python, XSLT (CII estimate)
1730 Marc3842h/Titan C#, PowerShell, Shell (CII estimate)
1731 PARINetwork/pari Python, JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
1739 gregdegruy/effective-c-sharp C# (CII estimate)
1745 Lmy0217/FashionAI Python (CII estimate)
1746 mtenrero/AutomationTestQueue Go, Shell (CII estimate)
1747 tfSheol/lib-group-manager Java (CII estimate)
1750 vidjul/top-chef JavaScript (CII estimate)
1755 openebs/jiva Go, Python, Shell (CII estimate)
1756 krakjoe/componere C, PHP, M4 (CII estimate)
1757 ADCI/full-name-parser PHP (CII estimate)
1762 stcarrez/ada-util Ada, C, Makefile (CII estimate)
1764 PiotrOsiewicz/Statula C, Makefile, Shell (CII estimate)
1765 sfdye/PyGithub Python, Shell (CII estimate)
1766 openebs/scope Go, JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
1769 wvoliveira/awslist Python, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1775 DesmondANIMUS/greeter Go, Makefile (CII estimate)
1776 gptankit/serviceq Go, Makefile (CII estimate)
1777 sirixdb/sirix Java, Kotlin, XQuery (CII estimate)
1778 jensGiehl/testWebServer Shell, Batchfile, Java (CII estimate)
1779 ptrpov/ JavaScript, Python, Java (CII estimate)
1781 bb-drummer/node-patternlibrary JavaScript (CII estimate)
1785 rohanKanojia/fabric8-maven-plugin Java, Groovy, Shell (CII estimate)
1787 gophersbd/ormpb Go, Makefile, Shell (CII estimate)
1789 benzsystems/ELK-rails-monitoring Shell (CII estimate)
1790 nlamirault/scame Emacs Lisp, Makefile, Shell (CII estimate)
1791 itnilesh/algorithms-in-golang Go (CII estimate)
1796 kemalelmizan/hostm JavaScript (CII estimate)
1798 rayandrews/gan-hattra-api JavaScript (CII estimate)
1800 chaos-dev/dastardly C++, C, CMake (CII estimate)
1801 kuzik/csvparser PHP (CII estimate)
1803 chtompki/commons-text Java, Shell (CII estimate)
1805 FedericoCeratto/bottle-cork Python, Makefile, Shell (CII estimate)
1808 bzg/dotemacs Emacs Lisp (CII estimate)
1809 pasalino/TinyLanding JavaScript, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
1810 bzon/prometheus-msteams Go, Makefile, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
1819 drptbl/neo-scan-api-tests JavaScript (CII estimate)
1823 hamparawa/SinhalaOombi C++, C, CMake (CII estimate)
1825 alexNeto/previsao-tempo Java (CII estimate)
1826 mhmoudgmal/pdcli Go (CII estimate)
1828 webhippie/terrastate Go, Makefile (CII estimate)
1829 webhippie/redirects Go, Makefile (CII estimate)
1830 webhippie/errors Go, Makefile (CII estimate)
1831 webhippie/oauth2-proxy Go, Makefile, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1832 webhippie/ldap-proxy Go, Makefile, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1834 AazibGandhi/Progressive-Web-App JavaScript (CII estimate)
1835 tomaszbawor/agro Java (CII estimate)
1836 EDI-Systems/M7M1_MuEukaron C, Assembly, C++ (CII estimate)
1840 emman27/immutapy Python, Makefile (CII estimate)
1844 Mulugruntz/celery-pubsub Python (CII estimate)
1847 Amygos/icaro Vue, Go, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1848 asg1612/walk-go Go (CII estimate)
1849 asg1612/ansible-role-docker Python (CII estimate)
1850 kishaningithub/infinitestreams Java (CII estimate)
1851 vinaykumar2491/Project_ComputerVision Jupyter Notebook, Python, Matlab (CII estimate)
1852 datawire/ambassador Python, Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
1856 kronometrix/auth Shell (CII estimate)
1864 zygimantus/TheGamesDBClient Java (CII estimate)
1865 sagrath23/indexedDB JavaScript, TypeScript (CII estimate)
1867 common-workflow-language/schema_salad Python, Makefile, Shell (CII estimate)
1870 dortzur/renorm JavaScript (CII estimate)
1876 shadaj/slinky Scala, JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
1878 doctales/org.doctales.terminology XSLT, Shell (CII estimate)
1884 mkchoi212/fac Go, Swift, Shell (CII estimate)
1885 httpiago/ JavaScript (CII estimate)
1886 QuarksWorks/chartConstructor JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
1887 007/primemath Perl, Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
1889 afritzler/garden-universe Go, Makefile, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
1890 rochars/trade Python (CII estimate)
1891 slachiewicz/maven-resolver Java, Shell (CII estimate)
1893 dylanaraps/neofetch Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
1896 Sionnach733/docker-kafka-twitter4j Java (CII estimate)
1899 gopasspw/gopass Go, Makefile, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
1901 craigiswayne/moon-boy PHP, JavaScript, Hack (CII estimate)
1902 tarzq306/lynis Shell, Ruby (CII estimate)
1904 ptrpov/ptrpov C#, Java, Groovy (CII estimate)
1907 milkpirate/ Python, Shell (CII estimate)
1908 percona/pmm-client Go, Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
1909 Icinga/icinga2 C++, CMake, PLpgSQL (CII estimate)
1912 rCarto/osrm R (CII estimate)
1914 freeeyes/PSS C++, C, Lua (CII estimate)
1916 ArkGame/ARK C++, C#, Java (CII estimate)
1918 sorintlab/stolon Go, Shell (CII estimate)
1919 akayj/simplerun Python (CII estimate)
1920 s-u/base64enc C, R (CII estimate)
1921 cloudalchemy/ansible-prometheus Shell, Python (CII estimate)
1923 devopsctl/gitlabctl Go, Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
1926 mainflux/mainflux Go, TypeScript, Scala (CII estimate)
1929 indianpoptart/RadioControl Java, Kotlin (CII estimate)
1931 132nd-etcher/elib.logging Python (CII estimate)
1939 atyenoria/janus-webrtc-gateway-docker Makefile (CII estimate)
1943 evoplex/evoplex C++, CMake, Shell (CII estimate)
1945 merlinosayimwen/pojogen Java (CII estimate)
1947 INPStarfall/Starfall Lua, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1948 cb-geo/mpm C++, CMake, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1953 openebs/node-disk-manager Go, Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
1954 dsample/mobilebarcoder JavaScript (CII estimate)
1956 Conni2461/ApEngine C++, CMake, Shell (CII estimate)
1962 treussart/ProbeManager Python, Shell, JavaScript (CII estimate)
1965 cam-barts/ObeyTheTestingGoat JavaScript, Python (CII estimate)
1966 broadinstitute/DeepProfiler Python (CII estimate)
1968 grycap/scar Python, Shell, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
1969 ipfans/echo-session Go (CII estimate)
1970 alexkiousis/nodEvac Python (CII estimate)
1975 Milerius/shiva C++, CMake, C (CII estimate)
1977 pingcap/tikv Rust, Makefile, Shell (CII estimate)
1979 harveyslash/sympyle Python (CII estimate)
1981 wenhao/jenkins-max Java, Shell, Dockerfile (CII estimate)
1990 saslamp/sas-text JavaScript (CII estimate)
1991 dmtrKovalenko/material-ui-pickers JavaScript, TypeScript (CII estimate)
1995 focabr/contrib Perl, Shell, Python (CII estimate)
1997 meltwater/gen_rmq Elixir, Makefile (CII estimate)
2001 k3b/APhotoManager Java, Batchfile (CII estimate)
2005 NicharNET/Goo Java (CII estimate)
2006 ybbus/jsonrpc Go (CII estimate)
2007 crakdelpol/cinquantenneBot PHP (CII estimate)
2008 crakdelpol/HowTravel TypeScript, JavaScript (CII estimate)
2010 increasechief/sigseg R (CII estimate)
2019 increasechief/chromastar R (CII estimate)
2020 sluh-hackclub/diagnosys JavaScript, Python (CII estimate)
2023 sks/mqttfaas Go, Shell, Makefile (CII estimate)
2026 tilltnet/egor R (CII estimate)
2027 ateucher/rmapshaper R (CII estimate)
2034 aaronwolen/biolink R (CII estimate)
2035 r-lib/styler R, Rebol, C++ (CII estimate)
2037 kvasilopoulos/exuber R, C++ (CII estimate)
2040 jmgirard/circumplex R, C++ (CII estimate)
2042 lumenlearning/rise R, TeX (CII estimate)
2045 MomX/Momocs R, PLSQL (CII estimate)
2047 RemkoDuursma/plantecophys R (CII estimate)
2050 kablag/RDML R, JavaScript (CII estimate)
2052 jlacko/RCzechia R (CII estimate)
2053 boxuancui/DataExplorer R (CII estimate)
2056 JesJehle/earthEngineGrabR R, Python (CII estimate)
2057 pbiecek/DALEX R (CII estimate)
2058 gelfondjal/adapr R (CII estimate)
2061 fcampelo/CAISEr R (CII estimate)
2062 jeroenpullens/NUCOMBog TeX, R, Pascal (CII estimate)
2063 jeroenpullens/RDaisy R (CII estimate)
2064 xyproto/algernon Go, Shell, Python (CII estimate)
2067 rmsz005/dockerhub-webhook JavaScript, Shell (CII estimate)
2069 rte-antares-rpackage/antaresRead R (CII estimate)
2070 vonjd/OneR R (CII estimate)
2071 transdigiware/ JavaScript, Ruby, Shell (CII estimate)
2073 ekstroem/MESS R, C++ (CII estimate)
2074 ekstroem/dataMaid TeX, R (CII estimate)
2078 kiat/JavaProjectTemplate Java, Shell, Batchfile (CII estimate)
2080 g-stefan/libxyo-core C++, Batchfile, Shell (CII estimate)
2082 VidaliLama/rcosmo Jupyter Notebook, R, C++ (CII estimate)
2084 kforner/rcpp_progress C++, R, Makefile (CII estimate)
2085 friendica/friendica PHP, Smarty, JavaScript (CII estimate)
2086 mkdolan/open-o-formation Makefile (CII estimate)
2088 Horaddrim/natsctl Go, Makefile (CII estimate)