Free set of 3 courses on “Secure Software Development Fundamentals” now available!

David A. Wheeler

All: There is now a *free* set of 3 courses on how to develop secure software, titled “Secure Software Development Fundamentals”.

I wrote it, with lots of comments & help from others. Special thanks go to Yannick Moy, who also translates the
CII Best Practices badge work into French!

The plan is to add a link from the “details” of the CII Best Practices badge to the course.
You do *NOT* need to take that course to get a badge, but we try to provide helpful links for people,
and I think this is a useful link. See:

The set of 3 courses is available on edX here:
If you want, you can also pay to take tests to earn a certificate & show that you learned the material
(that's how edX keeps running).

Please let others know about this set of courses. The price is hard to beat, and we really want more people
to learn how to develop secure software.

--- David A. Wheeler