Higher criteria levels implemented. Names: passing+1 => silver, passing+2 => gold

David A. Wheeler

We’ve implemented the higher criteria in the BadgeApp, and given the higher levels official names.  The official name for “passing+1” is “silver”, and “passing+2” is “gold”.  That means that our 3 (current) levels are “passing”, “silver” and “gold”.


I’d earlier asked about names, but this is fundamentally picking the color of the bike shed, and I really don’t want to waste a lot of group time on that.  The real goal is, therefore, simply to “find something reasonable”.  I think these are reasonable names.  Rationale:

1. A “metal” theme is consistent with others’ level naming schemes (e.g., Olympic medals, LEED).

2. By using “silver” and “gold” we can later add a higher “platinum” level, so this is more future-proof.

3. Historically silver & gold have been used for currencies in many places around the world, so I expect that in many locales they will have an implied meaning of “valuable”.

4. By using “passing” (not “bronze”) for the first level we keep our current terminology & avoid suggesting that the first level is not very valuable.  In at least the US, “bronze” can imply “inferior”.  We want to avoid that!  Getting “passing” turns out to be rather challenging, and only about 10% of pursuing projects manage to get “passing”… so getting “passing” is certainly *not* inferior!


You can see the higher-level criteria by appending “/1” (silver criteria) or “/2” (gold criteria) to the project entry.  For example:


We’re intentionally not making this obvious yet in the UI, but it’s there!  Once we’re a little more satisfied, we’ll make it more obvious to select.  The current “future” criteria will probably disappear, because they’re now in higher-level criteria.


--- David A. Wheeler