Improvements to the badging website

David A. Wheeler

FYI, we’ve made several improvements to the badging website.  I list them below, in case you’re interested.


--- David A. Wheeler




* We now directly support IPv6 and HTTP/2.  HTTP/2 in particular leads to a significant performance improvement for first-time visitors.  First-time visitors should typically get a page in <1sec, and after that page retrievals are on the order of 1/2 second (timings vary on page, network latency/bandwidth/location, etc.).  For example, when testing the front page on “master” using for a first-time visitor, the median front page load time dropped to 0.784s (3 samples) compared to 0.937s (3 samples), for a speedup = old_time/new_time = 0.937/0.784 = 1.2x. That's because all the support materials that are cached load "simultaneously" resulting in a significant speed improvement.  Non-first-time visitors don’t get a boost, since after the first download of support files they just use their cache.  More broadly, we don’t want people to skip the site because it performs poorly.  We perform *far* better than *most* non-static sites.  My thanks to @tambry for the suggestion and help in getting this working.


* We’ve switched to CircleCI API 2.0, which is good because the 1.0 interface stops working at the end of this month (in 2 days!).  My sincere thanks to Jason Dossett for getting that working!


* We’ve fixed an accessibility issue with the “navigation bar” (hamburger) that was a problem for blind users on small-width devices (such as smartphones & tablets).  We want to be accessible!


* We now automatically fill in the implementation’s programming languages list for new projects if the project is hosted on GitHub.  The plan is to eventually support searches based on the programming language, but we have to have data for searching to be useful.