Internationalization & localization

David A. Wheeler

We are basically done internationalizing the BadgeApp.  It was a lot of work, but it means that people will be able to (eventually) see all the criteria text – and the rest of the system – in their preferred locale.  If we missed something (probable), pull requests are welcome.  The *hope* is that this will lead to more participation.


We now need it translated.  It currently has 635 segments that need translating.


We currently have native speakers working on French (fr), German (de), and Simplified Chinese (zh-CN).  We’ve reserved Japanese (ja).  If you’re a native speaker of any of those, please volunteer – with more than one person it doesn’t take long.


It’s not immediately obvious how to invoke this (though logged-in users can edit their profiles to change their default locale).  We don’t want to make it more obvious until we have at least one other locale’s translations done.  But it’s basically triggered via the URL, just add the locale at the beginning of the path (this even works at the top).  E.G.:


--- David A. Wheeler