Projects totals for last month impacted by spam countering efforts

David A. Wheeler

Some of you may have noticed that the “Total Projects” went down last month (2855 to 2852), but the number of projects at 25%+ went up (1089 to 1114).


The explanation is that we’ve been working to delete spam projects, and in the process found some additional spam projects.  My special thanks to Jason Dossett for cleaning out a number of spam projects.


The spam projects are generally blatant search engine optimization (SEO) scams to create links to websites that have nothing to do with FLOSS. We already mark the links as user-generated inside the HTML, so the spam won’t even help SEO in any significant way.  It’s just joyless work for us, as far as we’re concerned.


If anyone has other ideas on countering spammers that’d be great. Jason had an interesting idea of having a 1-hour cooling-off period between creating a local account & creating a project entry. Spam entries generally seem to be made with local accounts (perhaps the spammers don’t know what GitHub even is). That has its pros & cons of course. It’s hard to make spammers’ lives hard without making legitimate users lives hard; ideas very much welcome.


--- David A. Wheeler