Rebranding the "CII Best Practices badge" to the OpenSSF - see issue #1515

David A. Wheeler

All: Now that the CII Best Practices badge is part of the OpenSSF, there needs to be a discussion about whether or not it should eventually be rebranded to specifically note the OpenSSF, and if so, what its new names/URLs should be.

This issue proposes such a rebranding:

It proposes:
• Name: "CII Best Practices Badge" → "OpenSSF Best Practices Badge"
• Repo (GitHub) site:
• Website: (the goal is to have a much shorter URL; the long domain name has been a complaint in the past).
• Badge display (small image): “cii best practices” → “openssf best practices”

It is *important* that if a *naming* rebrand to the OpenSSF occurs at all, it must occur only *once*. It’s expensive in time & effort to do a rebrand, and it confuses many people. E.g., we’ll have to pay someone to update the logo, code changes will need to be made, and so on.

Please post comments on issue #1515, but if you’d rather discuss it in this mailing list that’s fine too.

--- David A. Wheeler