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David A. Wheeler

Good news, we continue to get more projects working on badges, including some pretty popular projects.


Some projects that you’ve probably heard of include:

* SQLite (DBMS):

* Blender (3D modeling):

* Mongo (DBMS):

* LibreOffice (office suite): No entry yet, but Eike Rathke (a key developer for Calc) says he will be working on it.


PostgreSQL hasn’t committed to working on the badge, but they are looking at it.  I hope that they’ll be convinced it’s valuable to do, but obviously I can’t make that decision for them.


Of course, you can look at the projects page for more.  If anyone here can convince others to work at it, that’d be great.


--- David A. Wheeler


David A. Wheeler

We're getting a lot of activity today (great!).

New project entries of widely-used projects now also include:
* Wireshark -
* bind9 -

--- David A. Wheeler