Starting to implement higher levels (#740) & internationalization (#739)

David A. Wheeler

We’ve gotten feedback on the proposed criteria for higher levels, and tried to respond where we could (thanks to everyone!):


The plan is now to *implement* this in the BadgeApp, which is issue #740:


The current plan is to have completely different views for each level; that’s easier to understand & easier to implement.  E.g., /projects/1?level=0 would should the current “passing” level, while /projects/1?level=1 would show “passing+1” level.  The LF will have to bikeshed what they want “passing+1” actually named, but I’m expecting some sort of metal theme (silver/gold, gold/platinum, or whatever).


We also intend to internationalize the software (so that others can localize it), per #739:


This won’t happen instantly, but I wanted to make sure everyone was informed!


--- David A. Wheeler