Stuff that's happening in the CII best practices badge project

David A. Wheeler

FYI, I thought I’d share some of the things that are going on in the CII best practices badge project.  I think it’s especially important because much of this may be otherwise invisible to you.  Details below.


The number of participating projects, and the number of projects with passing badges, continue to grow.  You can see the statistics & graphs here:


Of course, the *real* goal is to get projects to improve themselves, & help them show users that they’re well-run.  I think the badging project continues to do that, and I hope you do too.




--- David A. Wheeler


============= DETAILS =======================


We’ve improved our ability to provide data to others.  We’ve supported a REST API and JSON from essentially the beginning, but we’ve significantly improved the API documentation and created a separate page for it <>.  In addition, we’ve added support for CORS, so that JavaScript clients on browsers can access some of our data.  This should make it easier to create dashboards, analysis tools, and other such things that base themselves on tool data.  We *want* people to build on data as long as it doesn’t interfere with personal privacy.   We still don’t have the API defined using OpenAPI/Swagger, but we’d love the help: <>


The master branch has a new form for those who want to delete projects.  Project entries aren’t deleted often, but when they are, we currently don’t know why.  The new form requires that there be some text that explains *why* they are deleting a project entry.  I’m sure we can’t please everyone, but if there’s a common issue we can resolve in the future, this will at least help us find out.  This also makes it harder to accidentally delete a project, which has happened.  Some people habitually say “yes” to any “are you sure” message, so having a special form should reduce the risk of accidental deletion.  If someone really does want to delete their project entry, we will of course honor that, but I think this change will make things better for all.


A number of projects are making slow & steady progress towards getting silver & gold badges.  These are (intentionally) much harder levels to achieve; even the “passing” level is challenging for many projects. This is very encouraging for the long term.