Style Guidelines

Emily Ratliff <eratliff@...>

Hi David,

I noticed that coding style guidelines are only a SHOULD.

Colin Percival did an experiment with FreeBSD where he divided the code into 50% stylish / 50% not-stylish based on the code's consistency with indent. His analysis showed that the "not-stylish" code had more bugs and that the bugs persisted 4x longer. I'm sure that this is not new to you but I first heard of this (2012) experiment today at LASCON. Here is his presentation that includes the experiment on p. 14:

It may already be part of your diabolical plan to add this to the silver level and it may be that adding it to bronze would wash out too many candidates but with as large an effect as that, I wanted to double check. It might be worth mentioning Colin's experiment in rationale or as background reading.