Re: How do we edit CII report for Jaeger?

Yuri Shkuro <ys@...>

On Wed, Feb 20, 2019 at 10:13 AM Wheeler, David A <dwheeler@...> wrote:
Don't add the *GitHub* id, add the id on the *BadgeApp*.  Yuri will need to sign up (create an account) on the BadgeApp first,

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On 2/14/19 9:19 PM, Wheeler, David A wrote:
> You're using GitHub for version control (<>), so anyone who can directly edit that project should also be able to edit the badge entry.  I've been told that may not work in some cases, however.

I think it did not work for Yuri.

> If that doesn't work, we have a mechanism that allows you to grant edit rights to anyone else.  First have the other maintainers create an account on the CII badging project site (using GitHub or their own email address), and have them tell you their user id on the CII Best Practices site.  Then you go to:
> itional_rights_changes
> You can click on "show details" for more information.   Here's the key text:
>> Just enter "+" followed by a comma-separated list of integer user ids. Those users will then also be allowed to edit this project entry. If you're the owner of the badge entry or a BadgeApp administrator, you can remove users from this list by entering "-" followed by a comma-separated list of integer user ids. We expect that normally only one person will edit a particular badge entry at a time. This application uses optimistic locking to prevent saving stale data if multiple users try to edit a badge entry simultaneously. If you have multiple editors, we recommend saving badge entry data incrementally and often (that is a wise practice anyway).
> I hope that helps!!

Thanks! I added "+3523016" to the field, which should be Yuri's ID on GitHub.

Yuri: could you check whether you can now edit the badge?

- Juca.

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