Re: Add contributor to process?

David A. Wheeler

Sure!  To add an additional editor to a project, you’ll need to know the user id (an integer) of the user to add.  Here’s how to then add that information.


First view the project:


Click on “edit”.


Search (e.g., using “control-F”) for “Additional rights”.  You should find this field:

(Advanced) What other users have additional rights to edit this badge entry? Currently:


If you click on “Details” it’ll explain that

“If you want someone else to be able to edit this badge entry, and you already have edit rights to this project badge entry, you can additional users with edit rights. Just enter "+" followed by a comma-separated list of integer user ids. Those users will then also be allowed to edit this project entry.”


So enter “+NUMBER”, then save.


That’s it.


--- David A. Wheeler



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I'm adding our project to CII Best Practices and I was wondering if I could add an additional contributor to help me complete the steps? He has been cc'd on this message. 


Project Name: rethinkdb

Project ID: 3038


Thank you! 



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