Re: Support Grsecurity/PaX

Jason A. Donenfeld

I believe there have been significant changes since 2009. I'll let the Grsecurity/PaX developers chime in on this, I guess.

It's important to note, though, that it shouldn't be considered relevant whether or not their work is mainlined. This is an important core project that's extremely widely used by everybody who cares about security. Ensuring the work goes on is of *critical* importance. Not only that, but work done in Grsecurity/PaX _does_ make its way back to mainline bit by bit in the form of individual patches that are a rework of features pioneered by Grsecurity/PaX. In other words, mainlined or not, keeping Grsecurity/PaX around with healthy funding is of the utmost importance for the Linux ecosystem at large. We need them. (And I believe they very likely need you, CII.)

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