Re: Support Grsecurity/PaX

Jason A. Donenfeld

On Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 4:15 PM, Dan Kohn <dankohn@...> wrote:
CII follows the philosophy of Linux development that long-term,
out-of-mainline patches are problematic because of the maintenance
issues and lack of peer-review. 

Please do try to consider Grsecurity/PaX as not "just another out of tree patchset" but rather a mission critical project that serves a real world benefit in addition to pushing the bounds with the research that goes into it. No matter the debate on the various kernel development practices and philosophies, nobody in the security world disagrees with the fact that keeping Grsecurity/PaX around as a healthy project is very critical. Regardless of the mainline discussion, Grsecurity/PaX, as it exists today, *is* *core* *infrastructure*.

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