Re: Support Grsecurity/PaX

Jason A. Donenfeld

Hello PaX Team, Spender,

After spending a few weeks meditating on this thread and its responses, it strikes me that the best thing to do might be to, in fact, apply to the CII.

The initial discussion was met with quite a bit of resistance from Dan, but the ensuing feedback from the community at large has been overwhelmingly in favor of funding Grsecurity/PaX. And actually, I think Dan's early responses form an important part in the development of critical CII policies. It is a relevant question -- how should out of mainline projects be handled, or more generally, how do other Linux kernel projects coexist with Linus' in terms of CII, and even more generally, what is the relationship between the CII's funding and a project's long term financial sustainability? These are all important questions that do need to be addressed during the CII's meetings. But, if anything is certain in all of this, it's that Grsecurity/PaX should/must receive funding. It's a sentiment echoed extremely widely throughout multiple communities and industries that rely on Linux. That means that when the CII does sit down to work out these interesting and complicated policy questions, they will do so with the goal in mind that whatever their policies are, they must allow for the funding of Grsecurity/PaX. I think this is a very good position to be in.

For this reason, I believe it makes sense to put in an application for CII funding. From my assessment of the matter, I do imagine that the committee will be in favor of Grsecurity/PaX -- and why shouldn't they be? -- and that direction will help them formulate the necessary policies to ensure that the CII is useful for critically essential projects like Grsecurity/PaX.


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