Re: CII Census proposal: Dropbear


I improved the OpenHub profile by adding the Mercurial repo (it's
finishing to analyze it)...

2017-09-15 17:15 GMT+02:00 timofonic timofonic <timofonic@...>:


Here's a proposal to the census: Dropbear

Website (90s design, but it seems effective despite not having an own
Contributors: Mostly Matt Johnston with periodical contributions from
others such as Francois Perrad, Ben Gardner. Occasional contributions
from others such as Henrik Nordström, Chocobo1, Jeremy Kerr. I'm not
sure how to analyze it, as the Mercurial web log seems weird to me.
Popularity: I'm not sure how to interpret that and there are many
similar packages, but the statistics show it's very popular. Anyway, I
think this parameter doesn't do it justice enough as this project is
extremely more popular in embedded Linux distros such as OpenWRT,
Alpine Linux and others. Check it yourself
Main Language: C.
Network Exposure: It's a lightweight OpenSSH replacement. Of course,
it has tons of network exposure.
Dependencies: I'm not sure about this, as the project tries to be
standalone because it's embedded-like nature.
Application Data Only: No idea how to look for that at Debian
Popularity Contest.
Patches: I've seen patches out there. There's a lot of forks and
unmerged pull requests too.
ABRT crash statistics: I have no idea of what is it.

Kind regards.

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