Re: Minor update (version 1.1.0) in "develop" branch ready to go?

Kevin P. Fleming (BLOOMBERG/ 731 LEX)

I've been lurking and watching the pull requests, and this set of updates certainly gets my vote, for what that's worth.

From: dwheeler@... At: Jul 27 2015 16:18:56
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Subject: Re:[cii-census] Minor update (version 1.1.0) in "develop" branch ready to go?

Sam and I have a minor update of the cii-census queued up in the "develop" branch.  Below is a draft ChangeLog.


I'd like to release the develop branch this Wednesday as the new "master" branch.  I don't think the changes are controversial, but I'd like to hear if others agree :-).  It has a number of smaller improvements, a bugfix, and adds a number of projects.


--- David A. Wheeler






2015-11-15   Version 1.1.0


* Issue #29: Included breakdown of risk index score into the result

* Added original cached data from Openhub and Debian,

  put in original_cache folder

* Included latest cached data and results put in latest_cache folder

* Added projects suggested by pull requests (fail2ban, glib-networking,

  openvpn, clamav, dnsmasq, encfs, ffmpeg,owncloud, qemu, rsync, samba,

  virt-manager, git, subversion, mercurial, bzr, parted, vlc)

* Fixed string and integer comparison bugs for CVE and 12-month

  contributor counts

* Issue #22: get language and role for each project from

  apt_cache_dumpavail.txt, not through web scraping

* Issue #28: only the 'worst' score is obtained from exposure values,

  making the code input processing more robust

* General Code clean up

* Added script to load results.csv into a SQLite database

  (thanks to Florian Weimer)


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