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Main group for the CII project community
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  • CII-badges
    Badges discussion This mailing list is intended for discussions about open source development best practices and how a badging program might be developed for projects to demonstrate that they are using best practices.
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  • CII-tools
    Core Infrastructure Tools discussions This mailing list is intended to discuss which tools could be used and created to improve secure open source development.
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  • Cii-badges-questions
    Support for Best Practice Badge process This list provides a central place to ask questions about the process of applying for a CII Best Practices badge. By using a mailing list, questions can be directed to the person best placed to answer them.
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  • cii-badge-log
    CII Best Practices Badge Archival Log This mailing list is a notification-only list which records when Best Practices Badges are attained and lost.
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  • cii-census
    Census discussions cii-census is a mailing list to discuss the CII-Census project in specific and security metrics in general.
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  • cii-discuss
    Core Infrastructure Initiative general discussion and Q&A. Core Infrastructure Initiative discussion list
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