Oss_package analysis python

Kiet Tran <khtran@...>

Hello everyone
I'm an undergrad student and currently using oss_package_analysis python file to develop a metric to measure Oss health. I have something that I would like to ask
class Oss_Package(object):
Class that represents an OSS package and corresponding attributes
def __init__(self, package_name, openhub_lookup_name, direct_network_exposure,
process_network_data, potential_privilege_escalation,

self.package_name = package_name
self.direct_network_exposure = str(direct_network_exposure)
self.process_network_data = str(process_network_data)
self.potential_privilege_escalation = str(potential_privilege_escalation)
self.comment_on_priority = comment_on_priority 

In order to create an Oss_package -> I need at least these parameters. I get stuck with finding information about package_name, direct_network_exposure, process_network_data, potential_privilege_escalation. If someone can help me out with this, I will 

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